Ansible based project for setting up TripleO virtual environments
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# Summary of the feature set.
# Deploy an Openstack environment with OVN configured in the overcloud
composable_scenario: scenario007-multinode.yaml
validate_template: scenario007-multinode.yaml
deployed_server: true
network_isolation: false
enable_pacemaker: true
overcloud_ipv6: false
containerized_overcloud: false
# This enables TLS for the undercloud which will also make haproxy bind to the
# configured public-vip and admin-vip.
undercloud_generate_service_certificate: false
# This enables the deployment of the overcloud with SSL.
ssl_overcloud: false
# This featureset is extremely resource intensive, so we disable telemetry
# in order to reduce the overall memory footprint
# This is not required in newton
telemetry_args: >-
{% if release != 'newton' %}
-e {{ overcloud_templates_path }}/environments/disable-telemetry.yaml
{% endif %}
extra_args: >-
-e {{ overcloud_templates_path }}/environments/services/neutron-ovn-non-dvr-ha.yaml
composable_roles: true
- name: Controller
CountDefault: 1
- primary
- controller
- External
- InternalApi
- Storage
- StorageMgmt
- Tenant
# Tempest configuration, keep always at the end of the file
# Run tempest in containers when at least undercloud is containerized
tempest_format: >-
{% if containerized_undercloud|bool -%}
{%- else -%}
{%- endif -%}
test_ping: false
test_white_regex: ''
- 'tempest.scenario.test_network_basic_ops.TestNetworkBasicOps.test_network_basic_ops'