Ansible based project for setting up TripleO virtual environments
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# execute script in a subshell so it
# can be controlled by a timeout
# send a TERM signal after 15 minutes
# send a KILL signal after 20 minutes
timeout -s 15 -k 1200 900 bash << EOS
set -x
sed -i -e "/proxy\=/d" /etc/yum.conf
yum update -y
{% if "undercloud" in item.path %}
mkdir -p /opt/{{ undercloud_user }}/new/tripleo-ci
git clone /opt/stack/new/tripleo-ci
{% endif %}
{% if "overcloud" in item.path %}
rm -rf /etc/puppet/modules/*
rm -rf /opt/{{ undercloud_user }}
{% if release in ['liberty', 'mitaka', 'newton', 'ocata', 'pike' ] %}
yum install -y openstack-puppet-modules
{% else %}
yum install -y puppet-tripleo
{% endif %}
ln -s /usr/share/openstack-puppet/modules/* /etc/puppet/modules/
{% endif %}