Fix failing openstack-tox-docs job for image source path

The path is wrong and the openstack-tox-docs job fails blocking
the gate as seen at [1]


Change-Id: I1e2bba57911e15ca17e6416dafcaf62fe1ac1dcc
Marios Andreou 2 years ago
parent 2af3ab41eb
commit 87a279af71

@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ respect to managing instances, there would be no reason that the
workload itself could not perform adequately once running and each
workload site would have a smaller footprint.
.. image:: ../../images/split-controlplane/ceph-details.png
.. image:: ../../../../images/split-controlplane/ceph-details.png
:height: 445px
:width: 629px
:alt: Diagram of an example control site with multiple workload sites