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Zuul e614e6c417 Merge "TripleO support for mixed operating system versions" 8 months ago
James Slagle 59e352f1a9 Decouple TripleO tasks
Signed-off-by: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Change-Id: I408cfd1173edafafe576a99d3d8b02cc83fce742
1 year ago
James Slagle 558f63a521 TripleO support for mixed operating system versions
Signed-off-by: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Change-Id: I3b7f6935c68d830d8b002e96d759b26b988a10af
1 year ago
James Slagle 2b55569237 Add Zed Specs to index
Signed-off-by: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Change-Id: Ieec4ce19df337eb81a2210f7b84c33914621d17f
1 year ago
Francesco Pantano ee446b7f40
Introduce TripleO Ceph Ingress Integration
This spec represents a follow up of [1] where new requirements
are introduced to rely on the provided Ceph HA services. In
particular the goal is to propose and define the changes we need
for the Ceph Ingress daemon across the TripleO projects.

[1] https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/tripleo-specs/specs/yoga/tripleo_ceph_manila.html

Change-Id: I2d00a0974e89314bde1e57cd77f00c28507375d1
1 year ago
Zuul bac9b564e6 Merge "TripleO.Next - Task-Core + Directord" 2 years ago
Kevin Carter a52098ceb2 TripleO.Next - Task-Core + Directord
Add spec to introduce task-core and directord into the tripleo stack.

Change-Id: I51f340d3250ee3b03be48b962efbc001d5e7ddb7
Co-authored-By: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <kecarter@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Alex Schultz <aschultz@redhat.com>
2 years ago
Francesco Pantano 50365e46dc
Introduce tripleo-ceph-ganesha spec
This spec tracks the proposed changes needed in TripleO
to move the ganesha instances into a cephadm managed NFS

Change-Id: I856f3eea24ef9161789d1595a4074bf6f246b8a2
2 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret a5a1599259 Create Yoga placeholder
Change-Id: Icd191c4bfc09e8df4ea8f9ee5d7d5b6b36a3ba33
2 years ago
Zuul d82fc7ed3c Merge "Add spec for keystoneless undercloud" 2 years ago
ramishra 6bb15ffa89 Add spec for keystoneless undercloud
Propose deploying undercloud without keystone.

Change-Id: I78bccf6eecedc11e45c862f660eac47b42cefde4
2 years ago
Zuul bd5302d18d Merge "Moving TripleO repos to independent release model" 2 years ago
Marios Andreou 58e9043fd2 Moving TripleO repos to independent release model
As discussed in [1] this lays out the proposal to move tripleo
repos to independent release. Tried to address the points raised
in the discussion.

[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-June/thread.html#22959

Change-Id: I58bceea4920958e6009bb7193f7946217b0d1d2c
2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 00b9f10ce5 Moving IRC network reference to OFTC
Change-Id: I14e7499afb623c2ea18feff83bfc3bd2e778cbc6
2 years ago
Zuul df4316d0ba Merge "Improve ansible logging within tripleoclient" 2 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret (Tengu) f03d1b3c42 Improve ansible logging within tripleoclient
Putting this spec back for review. Take the opportunity to move it to X
cycle instead of V.

Change-Id: If7df67d7127a6fc93c2cabe31f270797cc916836
2 years ago
Zuul 5e386c558f Merge "Remove now useless placeholder" 2 years ago
Zuul f184196804 Merge "Add spec for single sourcing repo setup" 2 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 5c74646259 Remove now useless placeholder
Since we have specs...

Change-Id: I7a76e048ea5f7ac70b82a4c3ff6243a6839dda64
2 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 01b4c0a1af Healthcheck cleaning and consolidation
As discussed at the Xena PTG, let's make healthcheck less a burdon.

Change-Id: Iabb4bc9d8ba2f93aadef67b7fd9fc09bb1402ede
2 years ago
Zuul aecdc53432 Merge "Deploy whole disk images by default" 2 years ago
Ronelle Landy d7b47eb28e Add spec for single sourcing repo setup
Add spec for proposed work to single-source
setting versions of repos and modules and
getting/resolving DLRN hashes.

Co-Authored-By: Chandan Kumar <chkumar@redhat.com>
Co-Authored-By: Marios Andreou <marios@redhat.com>
Change-Id: Idd2663d4db54e9bedf6ea067ca14e287e55d3159
2 years ago
Steve Baker e80d582151 Deploy whole disk images by default
This tracks the tasks required to switch to whole-disk overcloud
images by default instead of the current overcloud-full partition image

Change-Id: I91b8c0764101515e8d5d209029ef25787887878d
Blueprint: whole-disk-default
2 years ago
James Slagle f30c5e2e2a Add TripleO First Principles policy
Signed-off-by: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Change-Id: Iffc50562682f77232297a26e8c013d201210759e
2 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 5e0cf73a7c Placeholder for Xena specs
Change-Id: I7f5fe375cd93ff5340e0c1fce56f6cf43988de34
2 years ago
James Slagle 3d87c6229a Propose to also abandon 90 day old patches in merge conflict
The present patch abandonment policy over covers patches with a -1 vote
from CI that are without any activity for 90 days.

This change proposes to broaden the policy to also apply to patches in
merge conflict that do not have any activity for 90 days, regardless of
the CI vote.

Signed-off-by: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
Change-Id: I368ce03084bfc69b6590694cf71bef83b614834b
2 years ago
Marios Andreou 87a279af71 Fix failing openstack-tox-docs job for image source path
The path is wrong and the openstack-tox-docs job fails blocking
the gate as seen at [1]

[1] https://d112d82adaf9d03da6e7-2f18d96c12ded5c9f86090319cfc832d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/772442/17/check/openstack-tox-docs/925f008/job-output.txt

Change-Id: I1e2bba57911e15ca17e6416dafcaf62fe1ac1dcc
2 years ago
Zuul 2af3ab41eb Merge "Spec for installing and configuring FRRouter for BGP" 2 years ago
Zuul 764eb7dd51 Merge "Ephemeral Heat for the Overcloud spec" 2 years ago
James Slagle 4cf04dc5fe Ephemeral Heat for the Overcloud spec
Add a spec for switching the overcloud deployment over to using an
ephemeral Heat process and stack like is done for tripleo deploy.

Change-Id: I82c27d5cdd506bcfd52e5fcfe8224ebd76f510ce
2 years ago
Zuul b7e0fa27e7 Merge "Network Data v2 - node ports spec" 2 years ago
Dan Sneddon f548f0acff Spec for installing and configuring FRRouter for BGP
This spec covers installing and configuring FRRouter
packages on overcloud nodes to provide dynamic routing
using BGP and optionally bi-directional forwarding
detection (BFD).

Change-Id: I37a4a906c177030ec7a38e2ba1d805a9704baffd
3 years ago
Giulio Fidente 8bf673b002 Introduce tripleo-ceph-ganesha spec
Change-Id: I81c4219d30bcb7a65e20717cee62595d7a4e0064
3 years ago
Harald Jensås 93bc0b3faf Network Data v2 - node ports spec
Partial-Implements: blueprint network-data-v2-ports
Change-Id: Iae721c373f2bbfffa36ed2db9d9af6569e15ed96
3 years ago
John Fulton 2fda7fdcfa Introduce tripleo-ceph spec
Co-Authored-By: Francesco Pantano <fpantano@redhat.com>
Change-Id: Ic74a9a6b1014e3a3a4b5e08bd99ad8bdb8f5211f
3 years ago
Zuul d639955906 Merge "Add spec for the removal of Swift from the Undercloud" 3 years ago
Zuul 60240f019d Merge "Correct a typo in the document" 3 years ago
Zuul 0371c76851 Merge "Introduce tripleo-ceph-client spec" 3 years ago
Kevin Carter e83d8aba3a Add spec for the removal of Swift from the Undercloud
This spec has been submitted to enable us to remove Swift from the
Undercloud. The Spec is a highlevel document which provides insight
into the process we believe we can take to excise swift from the

Change-Id: I7890f87acfb9d5aab47ee943ab85364d309867cb
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <kecarter@redhat.com>
3 years ago
Giulio Fidente 9279578261 Introduce tripleo-ceph-client spec
Change-Id: I8bec9476877109807ea9a2786b7aeab764cdf363
3 years ago
Emilien Macchi f262ae9f52 Fix title issues
Fix some titles issues and wrong file names for router network specs.

Change-Id: I04af637ff26dd5f5d86235b87c1995cc7bdc0076
3 years ago
Emilien Macchi f0760f684f Move network-data-v2 to Wallaby
It's more realistic to move that specs to Wallaby at this point of the

Change-Id: I37ad513d5575f8917651fcb229da5aff3359724f
3 years ago
Zuul 1170583af1 Merge "Spec for network data v2 format" 3 years ago
Harald Jensås d1a9bf1382 Spec for network data v2 format
Change-Id: I868a86722f5899ca9ba456af780cb99526ab6ee3
3 years ago
Emilien Macchi bc9277b840 Placeholder for Wallaby specs
Change-Id: I262f13c9e6b06a3ca7493202ebfe1ca60c975377
3 years ago
Zuul d092bbe6aa Merge "PowerFlex integration into Tripleo" 3 years ago
=Author Name 9742e1413b PowerFlex integration into Tripleo
Adding PowerFlex integration blueprint into Victoria specs

Blueprint: tripleo-powerflex-integration
Change-Id: I099be87f69038be265a9ae805c5d47d5c6a27fd0
3 years ago
zhaoleilc 8ba720a005 Correct a typo in the document
This patch changes 'provisionning'
to 'provisioning' in specs/stein/

Change-Id: I091861e52ae71ff56f4f603720d7acad0b99083f
3 years ago
Emilien Macchi 33c596e6d5 Revert "Improve ansible logging within tripleoclient"
The specs was not ready and wrongly approved.

This reverts commit e9665ed8bb.

Change-Id: I90456c2cd513baea3e4fb13d85968420c9c14622
3 years ago
Zuul 8ed583465e Merge "Improve ansible logging within tripleoclient" 3 years ago