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The title of the policy

Introduction paragraph -- why are we doing anything?

Problem Description

A detailed description of the problem.


Here is where you cover the change you propose to make in detail. How do you propose to solve this problem?

If the policy seeks to modify a process or workflow followed by the team, explain how and why.

If this is one part of a larger effort make it clear where this piece ends. In other words, what's the scope of this policy?

Alternatives & History

What other ways could we do this thing? Why aren't we using those? This doesn't have to be a full literature review, but it should demonstrate that thought has been put into why the proposed solution is an appropriate one.

If the policy changes over time, summarize the changes here. The exact details are always available by looking at the git history, but summarizing them will make it easier for anyone to follow the desired policy and understand when and why it might have changed.



Who is leading the writing of the policy? If more than one person is working on it, please designate the primary author and contact.

Primary author:

<launchpad-id or None>

Other contributors:

<launchpad-id or None>


When will the policy go into effect?

If there is a built-in deprecation period for the policy, or criteria that would trigger it no longer being in effect, describe them.

Work Items

List any concrete steps we need to take to implement the policy.


Please add any useful references here. You are not required to have any references. Moreover, this policy should still make sense when your references are unavailable. Examples of what you could include are:

  • Links to mailing list or IRC discussions
  • Links to notes from a summit session
  • Links to relevant research, if appropriate
  • Related policies as appropriate
  • Anything else you feel it is worthwhile to refer to

Revision History

Release Name Description


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