Deployment of OpenStack Specifications
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Ghanshyam Mann 00b9f10ce5 Moving IRC network reference to OFTC 3 weeks ago
ephemeral-heat-overcloud.rst Ephemeral Heat for the Overcloud spec 6 months ago
excise-swift.rst Add spec for the removal of Swift from the Undercloud 9 months ago
tripleo-ceph-client.rst Introduce tripleo-ceph-client spec 9 months ago
tripleo-ceph-ganesha.rst Introduce tripleo-ceph-ganesha spec 8 months ago
tripleo-ceph.rst Introduce tripleo-ceph spec 8 months ago
triplo-bgp-frrouter.rst Spec for installing and configuring FRRouter for BGP 7 months ago
triplo-network-data-v2-node-ports.rst Network Data v2 - node ports spec 8 months ago
triplo-network-data-v2.rst Move network-data-v2 to Wallaby 10 months ago