Fix docs to reflect Ansible 2.0 requirements

In Ansible 2.0 the full path to the inventory script is required
this commit changes the documentation examples to reflect that.

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jkilpatr 6 years ago
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@ -168,9 +168,9 @@ Tripleo-validations ships with a `dynamic inventory
contacts the various OpenStack services to provide the addresses of the
deployed nodes as well as the undercloud.
Just pass ``-i tripleo-ansible-inventory`` to ``ansible-playbook`` command::
Just pass ``-i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory`` to ``ansible-playbook`` command::
ansible-playbook -i tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/hello_world.yaml
ansible-playbook -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/hello_world.yaml
Hosts file
@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ up to SSH to them.
$ source ~/stackrc
$ ansible-playbook -i tripleo-ansible-inventory path/to/validation.yaml
$ ansible-playbook -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory path/to/validation.yaml
Example: Verify Undercloud RAM requirements
@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ this under the same indentation as ``hosts`` and ``vars``::
When running it, it should output something like this::
$ ansible-playbook -i tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/undercloud-ram.yaml
$ ansible-playbook -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/undercloud-ram.yaml
PLAY [undercloud] *************************************************************
@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ When running it, it should output something like this::
Writing the full validation code is quite easy in this case because Ansible has
done all the hard work for us already. We can use the ``ansible_memtotal_mb``
fact to get the amount of RAM (in megabytes) the tested server currently has.
For other useful values, run ``ansible -i tripleo-ansible-inventory
For other useful values, run ``ansible -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory
undercloud -m setup``.
So, let's replace the hello world task with a real one::
@ -396,11 +396,11 @@ Let's do that to test both success and failure cases.
This should succeed but saying the RAM requirement is 1 GB::
ansible-playbook -i tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/undercloud-ram.yaml -e minimum_ram_gb=1
ansible-playbook -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/undercloud-ram.yaml -e minimum_ram_gb=1
And this should fail by requiring much more RAM than is necessary::
ansible-playbook -i tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/undercloud-ram.yaml -e minimum_ram_gb=128
ansible-playbook -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory validations/undercloud-ram.yaml -e minimum_ram_gb=128
(the actual values may be different in your configuration -- just make sure one
is low enough and the other too high)