A collection of Ansible playbooks to detect and report potential issues during TripleO deployments
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The purpose of this validation_init role is to create new validation from a skeleton.



Role Variables

  • validation_init_debug: <'false'> -- Debugging mode.
  • validation_init_role_name: <'Undefined'> -- New role name, undefined by default!
  • validation_init_prefix: <'tripleo'> -- New role prefix
  • validation_init_skeleton_role_dir: <'/tmp'> -- Absolute path of the directory where the skeleton will be deployed
  • validation_init_roles_dir: <'roles'> -- Absolute/Relative path to the roles directory where the new roles will be created
  • validation_init_zuuld_molecule: <'zuul.d/molecule.yaml'> -- Relative path to the CI molecule yaml file
  • validation_init_playbooks_dir: <'playbooks'> -- Relative path to the playbooks directory where the new playbook will be created
  • validation_init_roles_doc_dir: <'doc/source/roles'> -- Relative path to documentation roles directory
  • validation_init_enabling_ci: <'true'> -- If 'true', documentation and CI configuration will be done, otherwise not



Example Playbook

- name: Create my new role
  hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: false
  - { role: validation_init, validation_init_role_name: "mynewrolename"}



Author Information

Red hat TripleO DFG:DF Squad:VF