A collection of Ansible playbooks to detect and report potential issues during TripleO deployments
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- hosts: undercloud
gather_facts: true
name: Verify that the IPA server has the right permissions and ACI
description: |
This validation is relevant for systems where TLS Everywhere is enabled.
A new ACI is needed on the FreeIPA server to ensure that certificates with IP SANs can be
issued. This ACI will be delivered by default from FreeIPA 4.8.5.
In addition, a new permission is needed to add DNS zones for tripleo-ipa. This
permission is an addition to the current permissions for the Nova Host Manager role.
This validation confirms that the new permission and ACI are present.
- pre-upgrade
- pre-update
- include_role:
name: tls_everywhere
tasks_from: ipa-server-check.yaml