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"password": "q5BXXMUMbc8XBf5kkVToKZW4Kx3Egv5VjY0P"

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@@ -217,12 +217,12 @@ Enable root user

Enables the root user for a database instance and returns the root password.

This operation generates a root password for the root user and
enables the root user to log in from any host.
This operation generates password for the root user if not provided and
enables the root user to log in from any host. If provided, the user should
guarantee the password complexity and change regularly.

Enabling root user should only be restricted to admin user, as with root user,
the cloud user can change the database settings, e.g. remove users which
bypassing the Trove API.
Other than managing databases and users, root user can change database settings
without touching Trove API which is not recommended.

Normal response codes: 200

@@ -234,7 +234,13 @@ Request

- project_id: project_id
- instanceId: instanceId
- password: root_password

Request Example

.. literalinclude:: samples/user-root-enable-request.json
:language: javascript

Response Example