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  Doug Shelley f5d1caea88 Fix backup of mysql variants on Centos 3 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 3b0d1ea25d Adds the api-ref migrated RST + YAML files 2 years ago
  dineshbhor 43546ce905 Replace OpenStack LLC with OpenStack Foundation 2 years ago
  Petr Malik 6f6a3f2af9 Define safe pid-file and socket paths in config 2 years ago
  Petr Malik df509b7252 Preserve data type when parsing MySQL configs 2 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita 1a1deafcbf Add vCPUs to flavor-list 2 years ago
  Petr Malik e07262d711 Update 'myisam-recover-options' config template 2 years ago
  Duk Loi 2a5439aad2 Add support for root-disable 3 years ago
  Matt Van Dijk 27a4e2c650 Move to oslo_db 3 years ago
  venkatamahesh 82b1322f68 Word spellings have been corrected 3 years ago
  Petr Malik b911aa3302 Update ignore_dbs for MySQL 5.6 3 years ago
  Takashi NATSUME 5738388a62 Fix a few typos in log messages and comments 3 years ago
  Doug Shelley ad42de03d3 Move mysql datadir to a sub-directory on mounted volume 4 years ago
  Sushil Kumar 49f55f0edb Fixes config templates for mysql & percona 4 years ago
  Craig Vyvial 881fd0ad39 convert the max and min values to int instead of string 4 years ago
  Brian Hunter 386ddc2268 Fix trove-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild failures 4 years ago
  Adam Gandelman 21fee8c3c5 Support string flavor IDs 4 years ago
  Robert Myers 0a601ae45c Add missing api example for incremental backups 4 years ago
  Riley Bastrop fc80208a46 Update and correct documentation snippets 4 years ago
  Tim Simpson 3621607722 Removing the XML info from the docs 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 023c4b8448 Update database-api to follow OpenStack conventions 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 5987ef710b Pretty print JSON sample files 5 years ago
  Tim Simpson 294330c554 Moved the apidocs from openstack/database-api 5 years ago