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  Sushil Kumar 843bb0cd53 Fixes hacking rules 3 years ago
  Michael Basnight b06db4ab7f Migrating trove to entry points 5 years ago
  Michael Basnight 9f340f4119 Removing mycnf static files from contrib. 5 years ago
  Russell Bryant 1aaed59b4b s/OpenStack LLC/OpenStack Foundation/ in Copyright. 6 years ago
  Dror Kagan fa6379f8ef percona image for reddwarf 6 years ago
  Aaron Crickenberger fa0973b614 Remove tabs in sample my.cnf 6 years ago
  Nirmal Ranganathan 46108e36f1 Disabling local-infile in my.cnf 6 years ago
  Michael Basnight b3c31e0608 Adding dbaas-mycnf to the contrib folder 7 years ago