65 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lingxian Kong 798af4d02a Improve trove guest agent image building 2 weeks ago
  Lingxian Kong 4fe95fbaf3 Disable devstack image building for trove-scenario-mariadb-single CI job 2 weeks ago
  Lingxian Kong 6ea816312e Fix tests for Ubuntu Bionic migration of CI jobs 3 weeks ago
  Lingxian Kong 44fbcfaaa6 Deprecate the config option default_neutron_networks 1 month ago
  Lingxian Kong 4a85d9b77f Fix the way to get localhost IP in devstack 1 month ago
  Ian Wienand 007821e830 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 1 month ago
  Bartosz Zurkowski ddafb0e40d Share networks created by Trove Devstack plugin 1 month ago
  Lingxian Kong 795f2bde88 Fix SUBNETPOOL_V4_ID check in devstack 2 months ago
  Lingxian Kong 73e4419615 Fix key generation for devstack 2 months ago
  Dariusz Krol 68a4819dd4 Add image setup to trove devstack plugin 6 months ago
  ghanshyam d5d9342bee Set Tempest's service_availability setting for Trove 4 months ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk dc7303a135 Be compilance with latest oslo.messaging 6 months ago
  jiansong 636e0053bd Remove nova conf for guestagent 8 months ago
  ghanshyam 51883d9ca9 Remove use of unsupported TEMPEST_SERVICES variable 1 year ago
  Luke Browning 36926f39e6 Add support for MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu Xenial 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek 6049776081 Fix Increase guest agent cmd process timeout 1 year ago
  Dai Dang Van dd6b22d47a Remove policy.json file 1 year ago
  Nguyen Van Trung abb3460b9e Add doc8 to pep8 check for trove project 1 year ago
  Luke Browning e2257394ed Fix typo in trovestack cleanup 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek 55ee8eaf31 Increase guest agent cmd process timeout 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek 3d5b0bd84e Do not configure kvm virt_type in devstack 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek a3514d8420 Enable longer Keystone token life 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek d7b773d2b0 Enable integration tests 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek 9ec134996a Fix gate issues 1 year ago
  Matt Riedemann 0fb67d459b Fix AttributeError in api example snippets tests 1 year ago
  Amrith Kumar 20d51467c7 enable trove-api behind mod-wsgi 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 191e3036e1 fix-gate: change trove auth URL's to reflect new URL settings 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar c84f5cce14 Improve Gate: address multiple issues relative to timing 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 966b777e78 formalizing configure_nova_kvm 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 47971156f3 Tweak trove devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Petr Malik 21250cf20c Add support for Oslo Policies to Trove 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski d54cd03199 (fix troveclient gate) Use alt-demo network 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski c666032b09 Create net/subnet for alt_demo tenant 2 years ago
  himani f52220939b Removed check for KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND from trove plugin 2 years ago
  Doug Shelley ee4edd42a2 Make parameter consistent in devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Shaik Apsar 77ef95cfd5 Fix for tcp_ports configuration in devstack. 2 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita f091f76b92 Add port 22 to tcp_ports in devstack 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 9aa8ff6960 Move the rabbit/rpc options to its own section 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski bd76eda2a3 Have Trove plugin install dashboard 2 years ago
  Petr Malik fbd4443590 Increase 'state_change_wait_time' in devstack 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar fde561a58d Correct some issues with devstack plugin for trove 3 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 9e3860d54c Add variables for quota configuration 3 years ago
  Petr Malik 6ace3dda60 Update the root scenario tests 3 years ago
  Attila Fazekas 7fbe2dd8af blacklist_regex is not an option 3 years ago
  Craig Vyvial 7991d61804 Revert the legacy_compute v2 api for nova 3 years ago
  Morgan Jones 2bf92b906d Implement Guest Log File Retrieval 3 years ago
  Petr Malik 2f740c00ac Make scenario-tests work with all datastores 3 years ago
  Craig Vyvial 5cc4f2ea82 use the legacy_compute v2 api for nova instead of v2.1 for now. 3 years ago
  Attila Fazekas d92a531a24 Enable all trove services by default 3 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 3557e2b181 Have devstack plugin install Trove client 3 years ago