268 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lingxian Kong 44fbcfaaa6 Deprecate the config option default_neutron_networks 1 month ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk dc7303a135 Be compilance with latest oslo.messaging 6 months ago
  caoyuan 38a5679dac Update auth_uri option to www_authenticate_uri 1 year ago
  melissaml f83a247bd6 fix a typo in documentation 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 71ebd353ca Generate policy sample file automatically. 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 29362a18a4 Remove support of creating volume from Nova. 1 year ago
  ZhongShengping 6ff047e743 Remove the heat related documents 1 year ago
  wangjun 1dcdf38bc2 Add functionality to define different Message and Notification destination 1 year ago
  Dai Dang Van dd6b22d47a Remove policy.json file 1 year ago
  jiansong 5b7930446f Open the volume_support of redis 1 year ago
  Stephen Ma 68e02bbdf7 Comment out the option oslo_messaging_rabbit.rabbit_password 1 year ago
  Fan Zhang 327eb48384 Remove inexistent option in install guide. 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek 9f4d0f7f13 Remove exists_notification_ticks from sample conf 1 year ago
  jiansong dbeff81d50 Add port 16379 to conf.sample 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 20d51467c7 enable trove-api behind mod-wsgi 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 191e3036e1 fix-gate: change trove auth URL's to reflect new URL settings 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 83089aa5cc Add support for module-reapply command 2 years ago
  LiuYang 7be9e623d6 Wrong comment symbol in configuration file 2 years ago
  Petr Malik 21250cf20c Add support for Oslo Policies to Trove 2 years ago
  Mariam John ff2a52038b Implement full online backups for DB2 2 years ago
  Morgan Jones caab14ecf1 Trove workbook for scheduled backups 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 3b0d1ea25d Adds the api-ref migrated RST + YAML files 2 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita f80dd43297 Add trove-guestagnet.conf sample for log rotation 2 years ago
  Greg Retkowski f7b8805c3a guest_id missing err, switch config_drive default 2 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita 1584f198a5 Introduce "icmp" option for security group rule 3 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita 583d5cd428 Use http_proxy_to_wsgi middleware 2 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 42de1e7f7e Switch from MySQL-python to PyMySQL 3 years ago
  Matt Fischer bd360fb3c3 Switch test config file to use os_region_name 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 02d9f9e57a remove verbose option in Trove config files 2 years ago
  Mariam John 65917f3ec0 Implement Backup and Restore for CouchDB 3 years ago
  Ishita Mandhan 421689e14f Addition of DB2 backup & restore functionality 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 552f1f2070 Moved CORS middleware configuration into set_defaults 3 years ago
  Matt Van Dijk 0790c349f0 Add MongoDB config server port to cfg 3 years ago
  Petr Malik e722342ce7 Add backup & restore for Cassandra 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 1fe8c0bac1 Added Keystone and RequestID headers to CORS middleware 3 years ago
  Doug Shelley 4be983e42e Move rabbit conf settings to separate section 3 years ago
  Duk Loi b70bb10c7f Move storage strategy code from guestagent to common 3 years ago
  Dina Belova ef47f29e5e Do not use api-paste.ini osprofiler options 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck e64cf4bd29 Added CORS middleware to Trove 3 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 9f07d7da8d Move ignore_dbs and ignore_users out of DEFAULT 3 years ago
  Sonali Goyal e6620ff00f Changes names of some quota values 3 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 391b0d966d The verbose option in section [DEFAULT] has been deprecated 3 years ago
  Luigi Toscano effb4ab1da Fix example value for notification_topics 3 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 8f8a758539 Add Redis backup/restore functionality 3 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 16d91d9838 Add generic int-test classes 3 years ago
  Jared Rohe 8ad786e9be Remove rsdns directory 3 years ago
  Duk Loi 9b47609941 Move guestagent settings to default section 3 years ago
  Sushil Kumar c61a3bf5f9 Implement clustering for Vertica datastore 4 years ago
  Greg Lucas bee72dd6bf Move sql_xx params to [database] conf section 5 years ago
  Alex Tomic 75088205f1 Change nova_proxy_admin_tenant_name to id 4 years ago