137 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marcin Piwowarczyk e9cc6ca372 Execute functional test jobs running under python3 6 months ago
  Nguyen Hai Truong 7f867bbf41 Add python 3.6 unit test job 5 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 53576ec07a Fix cover job 6 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 2602ebc7e5 switch documentation job to new PTI 7 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 205512df1b make tox -e pylint only run pylint 10 months ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk ad84829882 fix tox python3 overrides 10 months ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk 6c6d43eb1a Use latests version of python-troveclient in tests 7 months ago
  Zhao Chao d2868a59cb Migrate to Zuul v3 native job definitions 11 months ago
  Zhao Chao df7362702a Cleanup testrepository and os-testr requirements 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 0c9a4fd659 Run unittests under the low-constraints job 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 6eaa305cf6 add lower-constraints job 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 8ce9d735d2 Fix guestagent.test_operating_system for Python3 1 year ago
  npraveen35 d6bd37f3f3 Remove install-guide tox env 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 71ebd353ca Generate policy sample file automatically. 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 690aa0c23f Add bandit-baseline check job. 1 year ago
  Nguyen Van Trung abb3460b9e Add doc8 to pep8 check for trove project 1 year ago
  Vu Cong Tuan a6d053cbd7 Apply pep8 check to app.wsgi 1 year ago
  jiansong 285adb6c1b For Python 3 Common patterns-six string 2 years ago
  Samuel Matzek a5d53a0edd Allow py27 test selection 1 year ago
  Samuel Matzek 9ec134996a Fix gate issues 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 7692e2de6c Remove unneeded msgfmt test 1 year ago
  Amrith Kumar 107bc5e4b4 we now need to have dib installed explicitly 2 years ago
  Trevor McCasland be5548cc3a Add translation_checks for i18n 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 1a06f5108e flake8 to ignore releasenotes directory 2 years ago
  jiansong 60d3617db2 Add DeprecationWarning in test environments 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 0a9b1e45fc Enable hacking extensions framework 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar b120be1772 Merge trove-integration into trove 2 years ago
  Gábor Antal c65d5c0808 Removed H237 from tox.ini 2 years ago
  Luong Anh Tuan 39bf8d3f7b Fix Old style classes are deprecated and no longer available in Python 3 2 years ago
  jiansong f21032a018 Delete openstack in flake8 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar a2d336de2a improve pylint; generate errors and config in sorted order 2 years ago
  Trevor McCasland 092966a2d8 Fix error: option --no-parallel not recognized 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar a0bc0dcb7d initial chkin of pylint 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 4512aec2d4 Cleanup trove's tox.ini and .gitignore 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski d19f5dc7aa Add tox entry for py35 tests 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 59f522aefb Remove openstack-doc-tools 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 3b0d1ea25d Adds the api-ref migrated RST + YAML files 2 years ago
  Amrith Kumar 0d3ca9c29a Constraints are ready to be used for tox.ini 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski dda9aa730b Remove times.dbm file for each tox run 2 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 798d9354f6 Serialize py34 tests 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 4ad0dfe88c Use constraints for coverage job 2 years ago
  Victor Stinner 71284ddc5f Run Python 3 unit tests in parallel 2 years ago
  Victor Stinner b938999f7d Port more guestagent unit tests to Python 3 2 years ago
  Victor Stinner 9a0ff4e126 Port backup test_storage to Python 3 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 696d80d4a8 Add Install Guide 2 years ago
  Victor Stinner 4f888ddfa3 pkg: replace commands module with subprocess 2 years ago
  Victor Stinner 61614653d6 Port more unit tests to Python 3 2 years ago
  Peter MacKinnon 64fc24516b Add bandit security config 3 years ago
  Petr Malik 2db8983c74 Trove's tox tests should respect upper-constraints 2 years ago
  Victor Stinner 410eb932e9 Enable more unit tests on Python 3 3 years ago