2488 Commits (master)

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  Lingxian Kong 49a11dd9c7 trovestack guide 1 week ago
  Lingxian Kong 2e052b0262 Enable service tenant deployment model by default in DevStack 1 week ago
  Przemysław Godek 2fd324357b Add Redis datastore upgrade 2 months ago
  Bartosz Zurkowski 59e8cb7e75 Extend cluster events 1 month ago
  Kasper Hasior 0969d53c6c Add Cassandra datastore upgrade 2 months ago
  Kasper Hasior a1df0dbb03 Changing file owner when upgrading mariadb 2 months ago
  zhufl 74370e8c18 Pass kwargs to exception to get better format of error message 2 months ago
  Lingxian Kong a3de34dbc7 Nova keypair support 2 months ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk 99b30c3737 Add error handling when Swift is not installed 2 months ago
  Kasper Hasior 603c5114eb Fix mariadb status after upgrade 2 months ago
  Lingxian Kong fe4c72807c Remove SecurityGroup API extension 2 months ago
  Kasper Hasior 97d9c34baf Add new Galera Cluster bootstraping method 3 months ago
  Lingxian Kong 6ea816312e Fix tests for Ubuntu Bionic migration of CI jobs 2 months ago
  Kasper Hasior 0c8a5ee9f0 Fix poll_until exception type 2 months ago
  Daniel Krysiak 8133390c9f Fix redis expected parameter type 2 months ago
  Lingxian Kong 44fbcfaaa6 Deprecate the config option default_neutron_networks 2 months ago
  Daniel Krysiak f8d5ece837 Fix Mariadb replication config 2 months ago
  Jacek Kaniuk aa7149287d Additional logs for Mariadb restore strategy 3 months ago
  Bartosz Zurkowski 75784f94b1 Fix modules import order 3 months ago
  Jacek Kaniuk c2911f5525 Add log retrieval to Redis 3 months ago
  Lingxian Kong 7bf1b28703 Skip IP addresses from management networks 4 months ago
  Dariusz Krol f4b5c65dc0 Add upgrade status check - instances with assigned tasks 5 months ago
  zhufl 683865ee65 Do not use self in classmethod 5 months ago
  Tomasz Nowak 09aa831010 Use existing CNF_INCLUDE_DIR to create mysql-flavor directory 2 years ago
  Dariusz Krol 68a4819dd4 Add image setup to trove devstack plugin 8 months ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk e9cc6ca372 Execute functional test jobs running under python3 8 months ago
  zhufl ea3129a4a6 Add missing ws separator between words 6 months ago
  whoami-rajat ace53c47fa Add trove-status upgrade check command framework 8 months ago
  Bartosz Zurkowski f9fd69e9c6 Add detailed list for instances 8 months ago
  Rocky 803b50d5ea Fix the mysql start up issue after restore 9 months ago
  Gaetan Trellu dff637ad27 endpoint_type option not used with single tenant 1 year ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk ad84829882 fix tox python3 overrides 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 7e4e25f12f update pylint to 1.9.2 1 year ago
  Marcin Piwowarczyk fd1568f833 Enable mutable config in trove 10 months ago
  zhanggang 1de7d33a0c Reject zero volume size in API 10 months ago
  zhanggang f06f65dcba Add extended properties support for mongo cluster. 11 months ago
  Dariusz Krol 4d358c8f5d Fix replication failure when Swift isn't available 10 months ago
  zhanggang 474b0b3aaa Sync the data fields of DB* class and table fields. 11 months ago
  Zhao Chao ceaaf161e3 Raise timeout for instance resizing checking job 11 months ago
  Krzysztof Opasiak 4860f523d4 Fix invalid escape sequence warnings 1 year ago
  Corey Bryant 08d581fd5c py3.x: Fix usage of gettext.install 1 year ago
  Fan Zhang 4279fd253b Remove pycrypto from requirements 1 year ago
  zhanggang 8cec0bcdf2 Add volume_type to apischema 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 43b5807f2d Add a hook for restore process to check if successful 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao 46a031e765 Switch to cryptography from pycrypto 1 year ago
  jiansong e5494e89de Update character set and coallaction for mysql5.7 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao cfadd2bbe4 Fix dict iteration in PropertiesCodec 1 year ago
  Yang Youseok 88464d8961 Add check_process() for mysqldump 1 year ago
  wangqi ff5b14db27 fix a typo 1 year ago
  Zhao Chao b24828256c Mox removal for instances_resize API tests 1 year ago