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  Mark Korondi a019f9dbee Update in-VM links, bookmarks and help 2 months ago
  Zuul 0deaad50da Merge "Upadting the VM image link" 2 months ago
  Mark Korondi c9099a54fd Update to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (bionic) 4 months ago
  Mark Korondi b51c0fe8ca import-virsh script for qemu/kvm 4 months ago
  Mark Korondi e904278e50 Upgrading Virtual Machine to Ubuntu Xenial 5 months ago
  Gergely Csatari b1d644f18a Upadting the VM image link 5 months ago
  Zuul d438cb0811 Merge "Allow users to override output format in create-training-box.sh" 7 months ago
  Zuul 269ba65d41 Merge "Add cloud-init to package-installs.yaml" 7 months ago
  Florian Haas b84194f735 Allow users to override output format in create-training-box.sh 8 months ago
  Florian Haas 24d96585fd Add cloud-init to package-installs.yaml 8 months ago
  Ian Y. Choi 7c2da45821 Rename #openstack-101 to #openstack-dev 1 year ago
  Zuul 5c7335d88f Merge "Reflects the changes on diskimage-builder" 1 year ago
  Ian Y. Choi 142050362c Reflects the changes on diskimage-builder 1 year ago
  Gergely Csatari b4614d0b8c Mention VirtualBox extension pack 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 525e4cdd51 Moving to diskimage-builder 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 4ec42ceff3 Fixes for Sydney. Removed re-stacking instructions. Gitreview set up. 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi db420899e2 unstack not needed 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 1ed64f05d4 Image shrinked further 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 0718d218ba Firefox DevStack bookmark changed to point to localhost 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 8a155a5a9b Updated CHANGELOG 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi c06d9839f3 Devstack fixes and changes. 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 5d8afec78f Updated CHANGELOG 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi b8d357819d Use SSD as default Disk drive type. Fixes booting up the VM on OSX 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi ddba86d73d version fix in README.md. IN BOSTON 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 15fe3015d4 Image version fixed in README 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 3940579690 VMware player supported. USE_SCREEN=True 1 year ago
  Mark Korondi 0ac9e00fd3 Removed keystone-wsgi and nova-placement-api memory oprtimizer sed commands 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 0cf6327de9 Moar simplifications 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi a41ac13dbb Updated README.md 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 76eedb2ac7 Updated README.md 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 965e763324 Boston updates on README 2 years ago
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  Mark Korondi 73228ec51a Always check for update build time 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 95396ef1fc Merge pull request #4 from nokia/windows-import-fix 2 years ago
  Gergely Csatari 64aaaf84e8 Update README-virtualbox-import.md 2 years ago
  csatari 16bb00ceb1 Correcting the link markup in the windows import help. 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi f7470b2ce6 Memory optimized 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 74f3553d78 Default user 'ubuntu's password updated in documentation 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi cccda5d7a1 Xenial image working. Hexchat replaces Xchat. Nat networking instead of private networks. 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 06937f8172 xenial update 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi dd781eab6c Update README.md 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 35795bda14 Linuxbridge 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 2d5762e2bc Merge pull request #3 from nokia/vb-import-details 2 years ago
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  Gergely Csatari d6330512a0 Adding VirtualBox import screen 2 years ago
  Gergely Csatari c3047219c2 Create README-virtualbox-import.md 2 years ago
  Mark Korondi 2eb0b8b56b Host-only network setup instructions 2 years ago