A collection of generic ansible playbooks for the Validation Framework
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# inherits tripleo-validations/.config/molecule/config.yml
# To override default values, please take a look at the config.yml.
name: podman
- name: ubi8
hostname: ubi8
image: ubi8/ubi-init
url: registry.access.redhat.com
dockerfile: Dockerfile
pkg_extras: python*-setuptools python*-pyyaml
- /etc/ci/mirror_info.sh:/etc/ci/mirror_info.sh:ro
privileged: true
command: /sbin/init
environment: &env
http_proxy: "{{ lookup('env', 'http_proxy') }}"
https_proxy: "{{ lookup('env', 'https_proxy') }}"
ulimits: &ulimit
- host