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Add Docstrings to validations_libs/ file

Change-Id: I97ed9705ba4e8678609af661c704e957aa907872
Signed-off-by: Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) <>
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 1 year ago
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@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ except pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound:
class Ansible(object):
"""An Object for encapsulating an Ansible execution"""
def __init__(self, uuid=None):
self.log = logging.getLogger(__name__ + ".Ansible")
@ -283,7 +284,85 @@ class Ansible(object):
callback_whitelist=None, ansible_cfg=None,
ansible_timeout=30, ansible_artifact_path=None,
log_path=None, run_async=False, python_interpreter=None):
"""Execute one or multiple Ansible playbooks
:param playbook: The Absolute path of the Ansible playbook
:type playbook: ``string``
:param inventory: Either proper inventory file or a
comma-separated list
:type inventory: ``string``
:param workdir: The absolute path of the Ansible-runner
artifacts directory
:type workdir: ``string``
:param playbook_dir: The absolute path of the Validations playbooks
:type playbook_dir: ``string``
:param connection: Connection type (local, smart, etc).
(efaults to 'smart')
:type connection: String
:param output_callback: Callback for output format. Defaults to
:type output_callback: ``string``
:param base_dir: The absolute path of the default validations base
:type base_dir: ``string``
:param ssh_user: User for the ssh connection (Defaults to 'root')
:type ssh_user: ``string``
:param key: Private key to use for the ssh connection.
:type key: ``string``
:param module_path: Location of the ansible module and library.
:type module_path: ``string``
:param limit_hosts: Limit the execution to the hosts.
:type limit_hosts: ``string``
:param tags: Run specific tags.
:type tags: ``string``
:param skip_tags: Skip specific tags.
:type skip_tags: ``string``
:param verbosity: Verbosity level for Ansible execution.
:type verbosity: ``integer``
:param quiet: Disable all output (Defaults to False)
:type quiet: ``boolean``
:param extra_vars: Set additional variables as a Dict or the absolute
path of a JSON or YAML file type.
:type extra_vars: Either a Dict or the absolute path of JSON or YAML
:param gathering_policy: This setting controls the default policy of
fact gathering ('smart', 'implicit', 'explicit').
(Defaults to 'smart')
:type gathering_facts: ``string``
:param extra_env_vars: Set additional ansible variables using an
extravar dictionary.
:type extra_env_vars: ``dict``
:param parallel_run: Isolate playbook execution when playbooks are
to be executed with multi-processing.
:type parallel_run: ``boolean``
:param callback_whitelist: Comma separated list of callback plugins.
Custom output_callback is also whitelisted.
(Defaults to ``None``)
:type callback_whitelist: ``string``
:param ansible_cfg: Path to an ansible configuration file. One will be
generated in the artifact path if this option is None.
:type ansible_cfg: ``string``
:param ansible_timeout: Timeout for ansible connections.
(Defaults to ``30 minutes``)
:type ansible_timeout: ``integer``
:param ansible_artifact_path: The Ansible artifact path
:type ansible_artifact_path: ``string``
:param log_path: The absolute path of the validations logs directory
:type log_path: ``string``
:param run_async: Enable the Ansible asynchronous mode
(Defaults to 'False')
:type run_async: ``boolean``
:param python_interpreter: Path to the Python interpreter to be
used for module execution on remote targets,
or an automatic discovery mode (``auto``,
``auto_silent`` or the default one
:type python_interpreter: ``string``
:return: A ``tuple`` containing the the absolute path of the executed
playbook, the return code and the status of the run
:rtype: ``tuple``
if not playbook_dir:
playbook_dir = workdir