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Update patch set 10

Patch Set 10:

> Patch Set 9: Code-Review-1
> If the output is limited by default to the last 15 executions, it would be great to inform the user here!
> If he wants to get the info about a run which happened before those 15 ones, he could be confused by the default behavior. 
> Honestly, I would prefer to list everything by default and let the user limiting to what he wants!
> My 2cts

most of the things we are using has a default limit - imagine gerrit if it doesn't limit to the N last things, or bugzilla, or any other software supposed to list a randomly huge list of things.
Here, we're talking about a helper script, not the lib itself, aren't we? if the CLI doesn't limit, there's a good chance it will, eventually, output something so huge the operator won't be able to find anything in it.

- keep the 15 limit
- announce "showing LIMIT over XXX validations - use --limit if needed."

A nice addition would be an offset, such as: "take the N last shifted by OFFSET" - that would allow to target a slice in the history. As a follow-up, maybe?

Patch-set: 10
Reviewer: Gerrit User 28223 <28223@4a232e18-c5a9-48ee-94c0-e04e7cca6543>
Gerrit User 28223 2 months ago
committed by Gerrit Code Review

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