25 Commits (0c7eda82d324f2843fd3821b2a2f22e9abb99ab5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) d79245eb82
Fix parameters management 6 months ago
  Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 87114686ae
[Validator Run] Detect unknown validations from the command-line 6 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel 0e46a5b710 Fix show validation stats with correct number 6 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel 1ac91f1f31 Allow to set python interper for ansible execution 7 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel 15e74046c1 Add a way to override the default validation log path 9 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel 21a722adac Show history by play and add get status action 10 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel de03576eeb Remove playbook param from run_validation 10 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel c1d9cb9b92 Filter get_all_log_file by extension 10 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel b5cc8dff75 Handle multiple validation logs results 11 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel ade5d57a3e Raise exception if no validation is found 11 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel 6e1ab6f893 Add asynchronous option to validation libs 12 months ago
  Mathieu Bultel c0de9faa41 Format output in json or yaml for validations show param 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel f85ec24e9c Use validation_path attribut instead of variables 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel f3c29b6e56 Declare playbooks for groups execution 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 88e0b0a212 Expose limit hosts option to the validation run actions 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel c940a0c30d Add unit tests coverage for validation, group and logs classes 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 1daa430f9a Fix behavior for Show command to stick to tripleoclient 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel c98ea9195a Add get validation playbook function and cleanup 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel e367d62445 Implement validation show history command 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel bcd72301f6 Add validation log object representation 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel fd95a175b7 Implement Validation Show Parameters 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 491a27b53c Add validation_actions class and group info implementation 1 year ago
  Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 84aa2b6846
Improve the way we log on the file system 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 641a7f2899 Handle playbook as a list or simple str 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 940878e21a Make playbooks as a list by default 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 32d15b6a1b Add unit tests for ansible runner library 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 0fb4205479 Add unit tests for validations_run class 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 582d31dacf add validations logs path cache 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 0c8ea35843 fix import issue and add config opt to the run object 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 0a71d73e4e fix nits 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 63d2304fb6 Remove extra-vars logic from run.py 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 138ef53e5b Add run and ansible_runner execution 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 83ee5c1439 Add run and ansible_runner execution 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel 8cce4bfd64 Add utils functions and validations List object 1 year ago
  Mathieu Bultel dcfe6e627f Init python project structure 1 year ago