18 Commits (7d416acbe89a9ba23cabfd4e97c80affe57e06cb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jiri Podivin c8480cbf80 Setting language for the python3.6 tox environment 5 months ago
Jeremy Stanley db0c72774c Correct the tox option for skipping sdist generation 7 months ago
Jiri Podivin 7cdeeebe30 Cover now prints line numbers 11 months ago
Jiri Podivin 135478c426 Version bumps for rhel9 transition 9 months ago
Jiri Podivin b8710584c7 PDF docs are now available 9 months ago
Jiri Podivin ca9dbbfc28 Zuul runs tests in py36 only 10 months ago
Jiri Podivin bcd6d6e857 Moving doc structure closer to that in validations-commons. 1 year ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 5d55cfde1d
Make the measuring code coverage test working 1 year ago
Kevin Carter bd122295ef The lower constraint file has been removed 1 year ago
wu.shiming 671e3221e9 Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE 1 year ago
wu.shiming faadd4f907 Remove install unnecessary packages 1 year ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 7b14f9c22d Add API Documentation structure 2 years ago
Daniel Bengtsson d3e0515047 Update the minversion parameter. 2 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 3cc5263983
Move unit tests execution to stestr 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 1ee6fa40a8
Bump default tox env from py37 to py38 2 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) ce6d32b956
Improve testing infrastructure 2 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 76d6a95bb5
Adding the foundation files 2 years ago