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matbu 9047bbb317 Python 3.6 support removal 4 months ago
Takashi Kajinami c8fb5bfa2e Remove six 4 months ago
Jiri Podivin 786e55d717 Normalizing VF metadata 5 months ago
Jiri Podivin 9a9b011b86 Removing references to Babel 5 months ago
Jiri Podivin 9163d8bcbc Moving callbacks to validations-libs 7 months ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 1bbf282356
Add new CLI sub command to create community validations 11 months ago
matbu 11488cd88d Add validation config file mechanism 1 year ago
XinxinShen 5815fb3c61 setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores 1 year ago
Jiri Podivin 135478c426 Version bumps for rhel9 transition 1 year ago
matbu 5fad1a4d18 Create dedicated CLI for the Validation Framework 1 year ago
Jiri Podivin bcd6d6e857 Moving doc structure closer to that in validations-commons. 2 years ago
Mathieu Bultel 2c2b71a3fa Remove CI roles from validations-libs 2 years ago
Mathieu Bultel 96a5d41422 Install CI roles into ansible roles dir 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 6f26733301
Add py38 package metadata 2 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud (Strider) 76d6a95bb5
Adding the foundation files 3 years ago
Mathieu Bultel dcfe6e627f Init python project structure 3 years ago