A collection of python libraries for the Validation Framework
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minversion = 3.2.0
envlist = linters,docs,py38
skipdist = True
usedevelop = True
passenv = *
setenv =
# pip: Avoid 2020-01-01 warnings: https://github.com/pypa/pip/issues/6207
# paramiko CryptographyDeprecationWarning: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/52598
commands =
stestr run {posargs}
stestr slowest
sitepackages = True
deps =
-c {env:UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:https://opendev.org/openstack/requirements/raw/branch/master/upper-constraints.txt}
-r {toxinidir}/requirements.txt
-r {toxinidir}/test-requirements.txt
whitelist_externals = bash
# Do not install any requirements. We want this to be fast and work even if
# system dependencies are missing, since it's used to tell you what system
# dependencies are missing! This also means that bindep must be installed
# separately, outside of the requirements files.
deps = bindep
commands = bindep test
commands = oslo_debug_helper {posargs}
envdir = {toxworkdir}/linters
commands =
python -m pre_commit run flake8 -a
envdir = {toxworkdir}/linters
deps = {[testenv:linters]deps}
commands =
python -m pre_commit run trailing-whitespace -a
envdir = {toxworkdir}/linters
deps = {[testenv:linters]deps}
commands =
python -m pre_commit run check-executables-have-shebangs -a
deps =
-r {toxinidir}/requirements.txt
-r {toxinidir}/test-requirements.txt
commands =
deps =
-r {toxinidir}/requirements.txt
-r {toxinidir}/test-requirements.txt
commands = python setup.py test --coverage --testr-args='{posargs}'
deps =
-r {toxinidir}/test-requirements.txt
-r {toxinidir}/doc/requirements.txt
sphinx-build -W -b html doc/source doc/build/html
doc8 doc
whitelist_externals = make
deps = {[testenv:docs]deps}
commands =
sphinx-build -W -b latex doc/source doc/build/pdf
make -C doc/build/pdf
# Settings for doc8:
extensions = .rst
ignore = D001
deps =