A collection of python libraries for the Validation Framework
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Luigi Toscano efca0653aa Add support for JUnitXML output (optional) 5 months ago
cli Add support for JUnitXML output (optional) 5 months ago
tests Merge "Raise exception if result is empty" 5 months ago
__init__.py Init python project structure 2 years ago
ansible.py Expose ansible ssh_user variable to the run action 5 months ago
constants.py Default to current user dir for log creation and management 7 months ago
group.py Add Docstrings to validations_libs/group.py file 10 months ago
utils.py Fixes string formatting of the error msg log 7 months ago
validation.py Merge "Fix the syntax for groups in documentation." 7 months ago
validation_actions.py Create dedicated CLI for the Validation Framework 5 months ago
validation_logs.py Exceptions now indicate cause where applicable 5 months ago