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  zhulingjie 6c9a8346b3 Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 1 month ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 477ee6ddc8 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Zuul 60d39c4959 Merge "Update the bugs link to storyboard" 4 months ago
  ZhijunWei a5435b4101 Update the bugs link to storyboard 4 months ago
  melissaml dd8faedacf Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 5 months ago
  jacky06 ce20a5263d Correct the bugs link 6 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 9999a24da3 build universal wheels 7 months ago
  zhang.lei 33a94d31fe Remove duplicated openstackdocstheme from test-requirements.txt 8 months ago
  zhang.lei b1ee3cb8a4 Using storyboard to collect project bugs 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 6f6bc57184 add python 3.6 unit test jobs 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann e9788f4f48 fix bug link in readme 10 months ago
  Doug Hellmann b1292a23f1 switch to PTI documentation jobs 10 months ago
  Doug Hellmann b30c8e7760 import zuul settings from project-config 10 months ago
  huang.zhiping 1091518092 fix tox python3 overrides 11 months ago
  melissaml 969a7f9937 Update the home-page url 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann d9135fd2ea use sphinx-build for doc build in tox 1 year ago
  melissaml 38a4e6eef4 fix error url 1 year ago
  melissaml 71ccb2ec52 Cleanup test-requirements 1 year ago
  Monty Taylor 015642f628 Update link to documentation 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger a58c2a0305 Remove -U from pip install 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger fc3aa33d18 Avoid tox_install.sh for constraints support 1 year ago
  Zuul 98a91c0a3c Merge "Use PCRE instead of Python's re for RedirectMatch tests" 1 year ago
  Zuul fb842d5881 Merge "Detect group matches in replacements more robustly" 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann f40e5d94dc switch to openstackdocstheme 1 year ago
  Zane Bitter 797cb67a37 Use PCRE instead of Python's re for RedirectMatch tests 1 year ago
  Zane Bitter 006ffc075c Detect group matches in replacements more robustly 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 7e37a20c79 add support for testing paths are not redirected 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 7200a0657f add 410 example to docs 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 18eb1ae36b fix test parsing for 410 tests 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 3a3c3e5f2a fix use of verbosity flag 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 5e8fd69c3b add release notes for new features in the upcoming release 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann e255ef4f1d use logging to control output verbosity 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann e942ec95b4 improve readability of error reporting output 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann eee0d41635 report incorrect matches for tests 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 20c4e3dcb4 fix formatting of final error report 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann f985ba4dcf handle an incorrect match as a failure 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 39c71e7c84 be more verbose 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann ab9a38e522 support 410 rules 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann d9ec206a4c add --max-hops option 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 6edcbe4c64 add cycle detection 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 1b843c2147 test for no rules matching a test case 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann c323784ef3 fix CI configuration issues 1 year ago
  Jenkins caaac8bc09 Merge "release note for first release" 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 43b234aac2 release note for first release 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 307e7f0d70 accept the first match as the result 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 1dcc371908 fix default tox environments 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann dba5bc537d force python3 for venv environment for tox 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann dfff1292d1 update documentation URL 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 4d76595e3a update documentation 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 2ab7b64d8b fix tests for python 2.7 support 1 year ago