Spin JavaScript library packaged as XStatic.
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XStatic resource package
See package 'XStatic' for documentation and basic tools.
DISPLAY_NAME = 'Spin' # official name, upper/lowercase allowed, no spaces
PACKAGE_NAME = 'XStatic-%s' % DISPLAY_NAME # name used for PyPi
NAME = __name__.split('.')[-1] # package name (e.g. 'foo' or 'foo_bar')
# please use a all-lowercase valid python
# package name
VERSION = '1.2.5' # version of the packaged files, please use the upstream
# version number
BUILD = '3' # our package build number, so we can release new builds
# with fixes for xstatic stuff.
PACKAGE_VERSION = VERSION + '.' + BUILD # version used for PyPi
DESCRIPTION = "%s %s (XStatic packaging standard)" % (DISPLAY_NAME, VERSION)
KEYWORDS = '%s xstatic' % NAME
# XStatic-* package maintainer:
MAINTAINER = 'Radomir Dopieralski'
MAINTAINER_EMAIL = 'openstack@sheep.art.pl'
# this refers to the project homepage of the stuff we packaged:
HOMEPAGE = 'http://fgnass.github.io/spin.js/'
# this refers to all files:
LICENSE = '(same as %s)' % DISPLAY_NAME
from os.path import join, dirname
BASE_DIR = join(dirname(__file__), 'data')
# linux package maintainers just can point to their file locations like this:
#BASE_DIR = '/usr/share/javascript/spin'
# CDN locations (if no public CDN exists, use an empty dict)
# if value is a string, it is a base location, just append relative
# path/filename. if value is a dict, do another lookup using the
# relative path/filename you want.
# your relative path/filenames should usually be without version
# information, because either the base dir/url is exactly for this
# version or the mapping will care for accessing this version.