Yet another query language
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YAQL: Yet Another Query Language

YAQL (Yet Another Query Language) is an embeddable and extensible query language, that allows performing complex queries against arbitrary objects. It has a vast and comprehensive standard library of frequently used querying functions and can be extend even further with user-specified functions. YAQL is written in python and is distributed via PyPI.


Install the latest version of yaql:

pip install yaql>=1.0.0

Run yaql REPL:


Load a json file:

yaql> @load my_file.json

Check it loaded to current context, i.e. `$: yaql> $ Run some queries: yaql> $.customers ... yaql> $.customers.orders ... yaql> $.customers.where($.age > 18) ... yaql> $.customers.groupBy($.sex) ... yaql> $.customers.where($.orders.len() >= 1 or name = "John") Project Resources ----------------- * Official Documentation <>_ * Project status, bugs, and blueprints are tracked on Launchpad <>`_


Apache License Version 2.0