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wanghao 189334067a Remove V1 APIs from Zaqar 11 months ago
wanghao abc208ec3b Add Xena and Yoga folders for specs 11 months ago
wanghao 40bf1fc0ca Support Extra Specs to Subscription-confirming 2 years ago
wanghao 950f9dd50d Add spec folder for Wallaby 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 64d0a2a0de Cleanup docs building 2 years ago
Zuul 4d39e01563 Merge "Encrypted messages in Queue" 2 years ago
wanghao 224c353b58 Encrypted messages in Queue 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger db26daa362 Switch to newer openstackdocstheme version 2 years ago
wanghao 909477c32d Add specs folder for Victoria cycle 2 years ago
Zuul c15186aa4c Merge "Rename review.openstack.org to review.opendev.org" 3 years ago
wanghao 0cd4708ce7 Support to query queues with count for ussuri 3 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 7aa078296c Fix doc job, pep8 error and remove py27 3 years ago
melissaml cba0a9cf8e Rename review.openstack.org to review.opendev.org 3 years ago
OpenDev Sysadmins f6f0864bfa OpenDev Migration Patch 4 years ago
gecong1973 01ced66a5d Remove pool group totally 4 years ago
Zuul 85e7309865 Merge "fix tox python3 overrides" 4 years ago
98k b736c7cf0d Don't quote {posargs} in tox.ini 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann f8f1f87efa fix tox python3 overrides 4 years ago
xywang 902103fb29 Fix CI 4 years ago
wangqiangbj 0004a98248 fix wrong spelling of 'password' 4 years ago
wanghao a3eb9e632d Update specs for stein 4 years ago
Zuul 8d17afd39c Merge "Spec of bp delete-message-with-claim-id support" 4 years ago
yangzhenyu c180ddf93e Spec of bp delete-message-with-claim-id support 4 years ago
Zuul 1357878797 Merge "import zuul job settings from project-config" 4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger b5e14a0e42 Fix RST building 4 years ago
changyufei 00e6ac6008 The spec of Zaqar mail delivery 4 years ago
98k 6ef0bf5722 import zuul job settings from project-config 4 years ago
Zuul 2701ac016d Merge "Add the missing index" 4 years ago
wanghao 13e26908fe Add spec folder for Stein cycle 4 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan 0eacde7e30 Switch to stestr 4 years ago
xywang f083f47037 Add the missing index 4 years ago
wanghao 2f9c6054ed Remove format constraint of client id 4 years ago
yangzhenyu 210374edfe Spec of subscription filtering tags support 5 years ago
wanghao 5380bd4b13 Introduce topic resource for notification 5 years ago
gecong1973 93dbc58d46 Support queue filter for zaqar 5 years ago
gecong1973 8c163d8282 Add rocky release dir in zaqar-specs 5 years ago
baiwenteng 04de5d3ad7 replace proccess with process 5 years ago
wanghao ffad0d80c2 Remove pool group from pool and flavor resource 5 years ago
sunyandi 2329ccb19d update sphinx-doc links 5 years ago
yangzhenyu 66c299e3dd Spec of bp support-md5-of-body support 5 years ago
wanghao 1acf71d316 Remove duplicate template.rst from Zaqar-Spec 5 years ago
yangzhenyu ce55e17c7e Spec of delayed queues support 5 years ago
gecong1973 a2ad677cbb Support more backoff functions 5 years ago
gengchc2 91514b5e1c support redis as mgmt storage backend 5 years ago
zhangbailin 9dbe2ebe9c Fix outdated links 5 years ago
Jenkins 7f7daecc39 Merge "Update and replace http with https for doc links in zaqar-specs" 5 years ago
shangxiaobj db9f53ed4f [Trivialfix]Fix typos 5 years ago
shangxiaobj 96358f7814 Update and replace http with https for doc links in zaqar-specs 5 years ago
gecong1973 c7da52e084 Add queens release dir in zaqar-specs 5 years ago
wanghao db632d7d63 Update the default value of maximum_delay 5 years ago