Update the outdated README.rst in zaqat_tempest_plugin

Now the command of running zaqar tempest tests in zaqar_tempest_plugin
is outdated and not working anymore.

This need to update and fix.

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@ -14,11 +14,8 @@ It contains the tempest plugin for the functional testing of Zaqar Project.
Running the tests
To run all tests from this plugin, install Zaqar into your environment
and from the tempest repo, run::
To run all tests from this plugin, install zaqar, zaqar-tempest-plugin and
tempest into your environment, make sure to configure the tempest correctly,
and then from the tempest repo, run::
$ tox -e all-plugin -- zaqar_tempest_tests
To run all tempest tests including this plugin, run::
$ tox -e all-plugin
$ tempest run --regex zaqar_tempest_plugin --config-file /etc/tempest/tempest.conf