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  wanghao b963a91a11 Miss name filter in querying queues 5 months ago
  wanghao ee0b807a44 Missing response parameters in API DOC 6 months ago
  gengchc2 93bd4fed93 Remove pool group from zaqar for api-ref 1 year ago
  wanghao fff82e7a11 Remove format constraint of client id 1 year ago
  Jude Cross 941bd74be7 Update docs to properly describe delete with pop 1 year ago
  wanghui eef0eac428 Move openstackdocstheme to extensions in api-ref 1 year ago
  wanghao b4c395c79a Support query filter in queue. 1 year ago
  liuyamin 8d54d2c2b6 Use rest_status_code for api-ref response codes 1 year ago
  wanghao 83300343d2 Add reserved metadatas for dead letter queue 1 year ago
  yangzhenyu f605dd9bae The doc of bp support-md5-of-body 1 year ago
  gaofei 3d99504e27 Replace curly quotes with straight quotes 1 year ago
  zhang.lei c465441405 Remove the deprecated "giturl" option 1 year ago
  yangzhenyu 31a08e348a Modify delay queue api-doc description 1 year ago
  yangzhenyu 949d496263 Doc of delayed queues 1 year ago
  wangxiyuan 210976fbae Update message api-ref 1 year ago
  wanghao a986ef0bdf [api-ref]Change 'queues' to required in response body 1 year ago
  wanghao 159f89ad38 Fix api doc in creating pre-signed url 1 year ago
  e 35661d4a1f Trivial Fix in api-ref 1 year ago
  Fei Long Wang 7fdb41fab7 Support dead letter queue for MongoDB 2 years ago
  Vu Cong Tuan 7930f511f0 Fix html_last_updated_fmt for Python3 2 years ago
  yangzhenyu 2cf1cd7bba API Ref bug about the mailto protocol 1 year ago
  zengjianfang 980ea37e61 modify doc of Claim messages 1 year ago
  wanghao b0f96b2a28 Fix detailed missing in api-ref 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger b027aa0a77 Fix api-ref building 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 53f0c9f8fe Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding 2 years ago
  wanghao b41802c3ad Add API ref of purging queue 2 years ago
  ZhaoBo 308934a1ba Fix an typo in flavors.inc 2 years ago
  wanghao 160f958ae3 Reword description of grace 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 1032436455 Add some descriptions for resources in API Ref 2 years ago
  Nguyen Phuong An f31a6e2b7a [api-ref] Remove temporary block in conf.py 2 years ago
  Nguyen Phuong An 4bae6c70f3 Config logABug feature for zaqar api-ref 2 years ago
  Graham Hayes 6ff9be91e3 Get ready for os-api-ref sphinx theme change 2 years ago
  yanyanhu 96aae7cca8 Fix a minor error in API reference 2 years ago
  yanyanhu c7fa05694f Fix errors in API reference for message resource 2 years ago
  wanghao 8bdc2156bb Add flavors api ref 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 930a075f96 Support `messages` API ref 2 years ago
  AvnishPal 28cc17109b This patch removes extra spaces from files. 2 years ago
  wanghao fabc0b1bd7 Add pools api ref 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 18fc577923 Add `Pre-signed queue' api ref 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang ef0f8bac66 Add `Health` api ref 2 years ago
  wangxiyuan 65bf61df13 Add subscription api ref 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 721925c921 Add Claims for api ref 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 9a3b0191af Add Queues for api ref 3 years ago
  Fei Long Wang da4009d8ad Init commit to add API ref in tree 3 years ago