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  Fei Long Wang 1ddd9ca5c0 Fix sqlalchemy migration 2 years ago
  Flavio Percoco ab74a88503 Update oslo-config-generation code 4 years ago
  Jeffrey Zhang ea6a221f68 Add the redis opts to the generate sample shell script 4 years ago
  Victoria Martínez de la Cruz 99d49dd358 Adds the API reference to the devs guide 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco e7c98874cd Fix config generator in Zaqar 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 62dc2476db Update files from oslo-incubator 4 years ago
  chioleong 93f3cd75e1 Use auth_token from keystonemiddleware 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 36e63c9a45 Rename Marconi to Zaqar 4 years ago
  pengfei wang 1060dd8745 Rename shard to pool 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 90c100d589 Add keystone_authtoken to our config generator 5 years ago
  Flavio Percoco a4ed60feed Use oslo's config generator to generate sample 5 years ago
  Alejandro Cabrera 262cb5286f restructure: rm -rf tools, move test requires 5 years ago
  Zhihao Yuan dddea2747d chore: switch to py3 print function 5 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal e411ff9b9f System Tests - Switch from robot to nosetests 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 4af003d8d5 Rename pip-requires / test-requires into (test-)requirements.txt 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 802a37c568 Migrate to pbr 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 60026a73ea Wrap transport's app with keystoneclient's middleware 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 61765db141 Replace gunicorn with wsgiref 6 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal 5477b646cc Add System Tests 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 14061a2466 Use oslo's log 6 years ago
  kgriffs a556f392c5 style: Fix flake8 and hacking errors 6 years ago
  kgriffs 6ea84355c3 style: Migrate to the new hacking package on pypi 6 years ago
  kgriffs e5cc92939a style: Enable flake8 with proper exclusions 6 years ago
  Zhihao Yuan 32fa32a0fc Switch to flake8 and fix errors. 6 years ago
  Zhihao Yuan 62572bd61d Add simplejson into dependency. 6 years ago
  kgriffs 746d59576d chore: Remove bin/marconi-self-host 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 948476edf9 Added gunicorn as server application manager 6 years ago
  Zhihao Yuan 1a15292cf2 Make use of the features in falcon 0.1.3 & 0.1.4 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 1810ffa8c9 MessageController implementation for mongodb storage 6 years ago
  Zhihao Yuan fb5a45f0c4 Message support in SQlite. 6 years ago
  Bryan Davidson 24ab9e0b4c Keystone Authentication 6 years ago
  kgriffs 6b6fe59bc0 style: Enable pep8 warnings/errors and fix ensuing chaos 6 years ago
  kgriffs 58c646fbfe feat(transport.wsgi): Create or update queue 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp b8f510ccf7 QueueController for mongodb storage 6 years ago
  kgriffs a3bfba07cd fix(tox): Address warnings 6 years ago
  Zhihao Yuan 38d72dffd0 Decentralized configuration. 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 420c1e046c Added hacking file 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 2709f4c2d3 Switch to oslo.config. 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 631c785979 Added oslo-config as dependency 6 years ago
  Flaper Fesp 693582e1c4 Fixed setup, tox and requirements 6 years ago
  Monty Taylor e0600c2d02 Initial import. 6 years ago