87 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rui Yuan Dou 7681ed7c72 Add .stestr.conf configuration 5 months ago
  Vieri ce8a30c463 Update min tox version to 2.0 7 months ago
  xywang b926235153 Fix lower constraints job 8 months ago
  98k 4b9a982ff4 switch documentation job to new PTI 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 45eea410ba fix tox python3 overrides 11 months ago
  xywang a7df08deb9 CONF file structure refactor 1 year ago
  Nguyen Van Trung 5d26144664 Remove ignore D000 in validation code 11 months ago
  xywang 17ef71a482 Follow the new PTI for document build 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 2958cc198a add lower-constraints job 1 year ago
  Anusree 8ebee3cc69 Pypy is not checked at gate 1 year ago
  gengchc2 856884641f Redis connection support password configure in zaqar 1 year ago
  Lance Bragstad 3f7cc0a460 Implement basic policy module in code 1 year ago
  liuyamin 49a397ebfb Use doc8 check 1 year ago
  yushangbin 3a01f0b6c5 Remove install-guide env which is no longer effective 1 year ago
  Ngo Quoc Cuong ff822a3d21 Add log hacking rules 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger b027aa0a77 Fix api-ref building 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang d3f69d93c0 Using os-testr to get better report 2 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 95b2290ac1 Remove py34 support in favour of py35 2 years ago
  Kevin_Zheng 828bab9d66 Enable coverage report in console output 2 years ago
  AvnishPal 3b6932f676 Use upper constraints for all jobs in tox.ini 2 years ago
  Ronald Bradford 43765a0f21 Cleanup i18n marker functions to match Oslo usage 2 years ago
  Yatin Kumbhare 8703ead0c2 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 2 years ago
  Ronald Bradford 8480440cdb Remove docs,comments,references to Oslo Incubator 2 years ago
  Thomas Herve 87af703ffc Cleanup integration tests setup 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger d8cde2ae6b Fix post install jobs 2 years ago
  Eva Balycheva 5134d3018b Add Zaqar installation guide 3 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 437c26aaee Always use pip constraints 3 years ago
  Fei Long Wang da4009d8ad Init commit to add API ref in tree 3 years ago
  ChangBo Guo(gcb) 592304e0d6 Trivial: remove openstack/common in flake8 exclude list 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish dce51da5b0
Add zaqar tempest plugin 3 years ago
  Ondřej Nový 7fa2f934c6 Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed 3 years ago
  zhang.lei 3c464188fd Put py34 first in the env order of tox 3 years ago
  Md Nadeem 9471fcfdcb delete python bytecode before every test run 3 years ago
  Eva Balycheva bee3926423 Fix tox not performing some tests in some Envs 3 years ago
  Fei Long Wang ffc6ee9d1a Add reno for release notes management 3 years ago
  Thomas Herve 5e5eea778f WebSocket functional tests 3 years ago
  Fei Long Wang 3bb13c4c99 Enable tox debug 3 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot a29166ebb8 Updated from global requirements 3 years ago
  Thomas Herve 85a2f8159f Move functional tests out of tests/ 3 years ago
  Thomas Herve 2b1fb26282 Move transport v2 tests out of tests/ 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco ab74a88503 Update oslo-config-generation code 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco f8dd975b96 Put a cap on our cyclomatic complexity 4 years ago
  Abhishek Chanda 1913aa0ef6 Remove all traces of nose 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 9748a489cb Enable ZAQAR_TEST_SLOW for py27 4 years ago
  Jeffrey Zhang cee50931b8 Add genconfig to tox.ini 4 years ago
  Clark Boylan a72a0bd988 Workaround pypy bug on trusty when running tests 4 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley a971427e7d Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing 4 years ago
  kgriffs 8af8395094 Enable MongoDB tests on py27 4 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 36e63c9a45 Rename Marconi to Zaqar 4 years ago
  Victoria Martínez de la Cruz ddabc98a99 Drop pylint due to the huge amount of false positives 4 years ago