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  Tom Fifield 89fa4411bc Syntax fix for organiser docs 2 years ago
  Tom Fifield b47ead99eb Add a section about groups over large areas 2 years ago
  Marton Kiss b5d2d435d4 Update groups.o.o hackathon page 2 years ago
  David F. Flanders 3a9c0497c3 Content out of date 3 years ago
  Marton Kiss 1106ce3d77 Fix organizer tips formatting 3 years ago
  Tom Fifield 914ecae449 Update Organiser Tips, new user-group faq page 3 years ago
  Tom Fifield 39163864ce Only need one URL for Official User Group 3 years ago
  Jenkins 466566e37a Merge "Fix minor spelling issues" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 6189fda2b5 Merge "Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual" 4 years ago
  James Polley 0f2684e155 Fix minor spelling issues 4 years ago
  Jenkins 72be07f5b5 Merge "Add Official User Group Process as static page" 4 years ago
  Doug Hellmann 6942f491c7 Update Atlanta organizer information 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 70d88b4c6e Remove unpaid meetup.com links 4 years ago
  Tom Fifield 77ea145028 Add Official User Group Process as static page 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 9bbc3ebee4 Added missing meetup.com accounts to EU user groups 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss e740b46f8e Add Baltimore user group 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss baf399f7d1 Refactor coordinator email addresses 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 6137f6aa33 Added Baden-Wurttemberg user group 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss ca2da1e06c Add missing content ids to Orange County and Romania 4 years ago
  Tom Fifield dc7ec91c62 Add new CO, USA meetup organiser 4 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 9fb64495d4 Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 4 years ago
  Stefano Maffulli 173db4e524 Adding the page How to Contribute as navigable page on the portal 4 years ago
  Jenkins 7ae674d7f4 Merge "Update Switzerland contact info" 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 159ecfa8d2 Update Switzerland contact info 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 6c6ace6eaf Update Hungary user group contact data 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 4ef7b8702c Fix group geolocations 4 years ago
  Jenkins 150c345cdd Merge "Contribution guide draft" 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 81d5d4a663 Fix Boston group json error 4 years ago
  Jenkins 1670e6bc14 Merge "removed duplicate attribute meetup for Boston" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 226512077a Merge "Add meetup for HKOSUG" 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss ca5490f974 Contribution guide draft 4 years ago
  Tom Fifield a90d9ec01f Add makewiki.py 4 years ago
  Tom Fifield 71176e2377 Add meetup for HKOSUG 4 years ago
  Jenkins 041742ef7e Merge "Update organizer email of Hungarian user group" 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss d9785816ba Fix groups.json typo at line 943 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss e2f5c5ae42 Update organizer email of Hungarian user group 4 years ago
  Tom Fifield 8c757580d0 Add romania group 4 years ago
  Stefano Maffulli 72bf074d1d removed duplicate attribute meetup for Boston 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss c715ce1934 Add unique id field to groups 4 years ago
  Jenkins d0842af593 Merge "Adding the json file that populates the groups db" 5 years ago
  Stefano Maffulli 220a16c49e Adding the json file that populates the groups db 5 years ago
  Stefano Maffulli ff699ecece Adding the Community Code of Conduct 5 years ago
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