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  Goutham Pacha Ravi 78c4ce8ac8 Fix broken links and redirects 4 months ago
  melissaml 443250d9b5 Rename review.openstack.org to review.opendev.org 2 years ago
  Megan f5b63b2513 Specification for subunit data API 4 years ago
  shangxiaobj fa7fb738ad [Trivialfix]Fix typos 4 years ago
  megan guiney 3665ebfd78 small rst stylefix on subunit data upload spec 4 years ago
  Megan Guiney 2832d3a56f Create spec for optional subunit data import 4 years ago
  Megan Guiney 41df5d0288 Spec for adding RefStack docs to the website natively 4 years ago
  gecong1973 2ea9505a51 fix a typo in template.rst 4 years ago
  Luz Cazares 057c7c2f11 Added sphnix build folder location 4 years ago
  Catherine Diep 0600af0675 RefStack specs directory update. 4 years ago
  Catherine Diep 7bff708e98 Specification to mark a test result as "used for verification". 5 years ago
  Catherine Diep 21eece01d1 Specification to associate test results to vendor products. 5 years ago
  Catherine Diep 4fd13fc23d Specitication to support product model with multi-versions. 5 years ago
  Luz Cazares eebbd714f1 Fix specs format to improve rendered documentation 5 years ago
  Catherine Diep ae1acf2b33 Move implemented specs from the approved directory to the implemented directory. 5 years ago
  Catherine Diep 4916f0a7f4 REST API specification for product management. 5 years ago
  Catherine Diep e03fe733ab REST API spec to retrieve DefCore Guideline files and test lists. 5 years ago
  cdiep 1f09211b24 REST API specification for vendor registration 5 years ago
  cdiep 6cdca8ca58 REST API specification for vendor user management. 5 years ago
  cdiep d98e0d1b97 Update to the organization and product tables. 5 years ago
  cdiep 502d261f11 Add database tables to support vendor/product registration. 5 years ago
  cdiep 809ff149f4 Specification to add user/group support in RefStack 5 years ago
  cdiep 858ebcae6b Use cloud access URL to generate CPID. 5 years ago
  cdiep 3de1984dee Re-organize the RefStack specs directory. 5 years ago
  cdiep 9ef7c2ca0c Check for RSA key existence before accepting uploading data. 6 years ago
  cdiep 5d1d1cfb3e Add Test Records Retrieval API to Refstack v1 API. 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 7e8af456c4 Add validation for incomming test results 6 years ago
  Chris Hoge 4556979745 Test Results JSON Schema 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck 62b6c74a33 Add GET test results and add report page output 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 2fd369b367 Add test uids into REST API spec 6 years ago
  david b166e0cb3c api spec without event methods 6 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 61c8b6be71 Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 6 years ago
  Catherine Diep cd49ae498c Identifies code that should either be deprecated or moved. 7 years ago
  david db373bc05e small change removing need for ui for this feature. 7 years ago
  david ce476a8405 added formating for result input. 7 years ago
  david f8ba4e948f seperate refstack tester from refstack 7 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld 206e6a0e10 Use keystone uuid with cloud id 7 years ago
  Catherine Diep d2d47f80a4 Use fully qualified test id in the coretests.json file. 7 years ago
  david 4ad1633332 spec for ability to upload a complete tempest config 7 years ago
  david 799323e224 API v1 spec 7 years ago
  david b18b016546 removed creative commons lic from template 7 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld 1376b8129e Report Visualization Spec and Mocks 7 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld c1383acdfa Define Reports for DefCore. 7 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld e433b06e5b Add cross reference line based on updated template 7 years ago
  david 3564859f03 Simplify Uploads by only sending Pass results 7 years ago
  david e92daff4f0 proposed spec for v1 api 7 years ago
  Dirk Mueller 35e637278b Remove executable flags 7 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld 7370aeb447 TCUP spec for base user facing functionality 7 years ago
  david d5802ff6fc Updates to gearman spec based on raymonds notes 7 years ago
  david c77a201c99 refinment of specs readme. 7 years ago