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  Michael Krotscheck 6fffbca938 Added JavaScript Style Linting 6 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 0d51cad50f Added karma into node PATH 6 years ago
  Beth Elwell 080ebfeec0 minor clean of responsive css 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck b4183747bd Fix unit tests failing gate 6 years ago
  Blake Devcich 490d5f1f08 Updated the README.rst to fix the link to the wiki page. 6 years ago
  sslypushenko d8eccf08a1 Simplify to run Refstack in development mode 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck 0e6907312c Update view in report page when version changes 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck 96558296aa Use Refstack API to get capabilities and versions 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 711f7527c4 Move requests cache into memory 6 years ago
  Jenkins cd536e7398 Merge "Add API endpoint for retrieving capabilities" 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck 961e46df6c Add API endpoint for retrieving capabilities 6 years ago
  cdiep 1b96daab8d Update readme files with the latest information. 6 years ago
  Jenkins ff156545f5 Merge "Add WSGI file" 6 years ago
  cdiep a8a358fe4c Fix to store idempotent_id (UUID) in the database. 6 years ago
  Jenkins c4a5f8e69c Merge "Add results and test report page" 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 9e9de4bb0a Add WSGI file 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 11169dffe6 Refstack should work with MySQL in utf-8 charset 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck c094c27eff Add results and test report page 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 1f04771ff4 Return url with test results 6 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 369f7ce4ad Added non-interactive config flag to bower install. 6 years ago
  Jenkins 2dfeab6c1c Merge "Remove files that are now mastered in openstack/defcore" 6 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld 09d3cb3d8d Remove files that are now mastered in openstack/defcore 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck caf52730e7 Add CORS hook to api application 6 years ago
  Jenkins 8f972ce693 Merge "Added groundwork for the refstack user-interface." 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck cfe34d9371 Added groundwork for the refstack user-interface. 6 years ago
  sslypushenko a0f6974cc2 Add support for uploading signed test results 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck 649137a0b0 Adjust html and js to use new capabilities format 6 years ago
  Jenkins 9c729f2ed5 Merge "Rename test uid field to "uuid"" 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 4ab98f7d8e Create endpoint for listing of all uploads id without auth 6 years ago
  cdiep 5d1d1cfb3e Add Test Records Retrieval API to Refstack v1 API. 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 49f1efc773 Add unit tests for untested code 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 7fb06e8317 Repair tests coverage utility 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin bc1c92505b Cleanup .gitignore and remove refstack.cfg 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 7fb956b8dd Add unit tests for validators and database 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 05e0433f10 Increase test coverage for database migration 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin eabbe08cb0 Improve API functional tests 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 7ed23a1725 Rename test uid field to "uuid" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 4f17fb039f Merge "Improve database creation for testing" 6 years ago
  cdiep eae8a7e260 Remove unused README file in the doc directory. 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 16affe2d12 Improve database creation for testing 6 years ago
  Jenkins 8ea0a1ace9 Merge "Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 9a3624dc86 Merge "Remove XML tests in the havancore.json file." 6 years ago
  David Lenwell baced31e2a Update readme to current information. 6 years ago
  cdiep 5362597545 Remove XML tests in the havancore.json file. 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 5c09a4a57e Remove unused code from project 6 years ago
  Jenkins a8da23acd4 Merge "Add database connection example to README file." 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 9ac0db3253 Add oslo.log library 6 years ago
  cdiep 82d0bf3cee Add database connection example to README file. 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin d6387efb42 Switch from oslo.* libs to oslo_* 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 54e2a86d22 Add config auto generator 6 years ago