18 Commits (94251d05c91793410fbecc61ab383fced12392da)

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  Michael Krotscheck 94251d05c9 Consolidated project files. 6 years ago
  sslypushenko 711f7527c4 Move requests cache into memory 6 years ago
  Paul Van Eck 961e46df6c Add API endpoint for retrieving capabilities 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin 7fb06e8317 Repair tests coverage utility 6 years ago
  Vladislav Kuzmin bc1c92505b Cleanup .gitignore and remove refstack.cfg 6 years ago
  Dirk Mueller 399cbe2b64 Hide artifacts of the sdist run 7 years ago
  Rob Hirschfeld c7fd7ae3cb Basics of TCUP that is used OUTSIDE of RefStack to run RefStack 7 years ago
  david 4c2650da57 general house cleaning and repair of web.py imports 7 years ago
  David Lenwell 1e51e842be scorecard template 7 years ago
  David Lenwell 2a11572449 git ignore 8 years ago
  David Lenwell cc969e8ccc added contact name to the vendor table 8 years ago
  David Lenwell 861d68f6c6 added stuff 8 years ago
  David Lenwell 66a53ef2fc ignored my debug code 8 years ago
  David Lenwell 12cdfe4d5d squash 8 years ago
  David Lenwell 9074abd7ab first commit 8 years ago
  Joshua McKenty e5fb95f26f Admin views are auth'd against the openid accounts. 8 years ago
  Joshua McKenty 0aaead5902 Added schema migrations and an admin view 8 years ago
  Joshua McKenty d67298a095 Initial commit 8 years ago