Vendor-facing API for registration of interop-compliance
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Refstack Specifications

This folder is used to hold design specifications for additions to the RefStack project. Reviews of the specs are done in gerrit, using a similar workflow to how we review and merge changes to the code itself.

The layout of this folder is as follows:


The lifecycle of a specification

Specifications are proposed by adding an .rst file to the specs/<release>/approved directory and posting it for review. You can find an example specification in /specs/template.rst.

Once a specification has been fully implemented, meaning a patch has landed, it will be moved to the implemented directory and the corresponding blueprint will be marked as complete.

Specifications are only approved for a single release. If a specification was previously approved but not implemented (or not completely implemented), then the specification needs to be re-proposed by copying (not move) it to the right directory for the current release.

Previously approved specifications

The RefStack specs directory was re-structured during the Mitaka cycle. Therefore, the specs approved and implemented prior to the Mitaka cycle will be saved in the specs/prior/ directories.


Please note, Launchpad blueprints are still used for tracking the status of the blueprints. For more information, see:

For more information about working with gerrit, see:

To validate that the specification is syntactically correct (i.e. get more confidence in the Jenkins result), please execute the following command:

$ tox