Vendor-facing API for registration of interop-compliance
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# Copyright (c) 2015 Mirantis, Inc.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Test results controller."""
import functools
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log
import pecan
from pecan import rest
from urllib import parse
from refstack import db
from refstack.api import constants as const
from refstack.api import utils as api_utils
from refstack.api import validators
from refstack.api.controllers import validation
LOG = log.getLogger(__name__)
class MetadataController(rest.RestController):
"""/v1/results/<test_id>/meta handler."""
rw_access_keys = ('shared', 'guideline', 'target',)
def _check_key(func):
"""Decorator to check that a specific key has write access."""
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
meta_key = args[2]
if meta_key not in args[0].rw_access_keys:
return func(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapper
def get(self, test_id):
"""Get test run metadata."""
test_info = db.get_test_result(test_id)
role = api_utils.get_user_role(test_id)
if role in (const.ROLE_FOUNDATION, const.ROLE_OWNER):
return test_info['meta']
elif role in (const.ROLE_USER):
return {k: v for k, v in test_info['meta'].items()
if k in self.rw_access_keys}
def get_one(self, test_id, key):
"""Get value for key from test run metadata."""
role = api_utils.get_user_role(test_id)
if role in (const.ROLE_FOUNDATION, const.ROLE_OWNER):
return db.get_test_result_meta_key(test_id, key)
elif role in (const.ROLE_USER) and key in self.rw_access_keys:
return db.get_test_result_meta_key(test_id, key)
def post(self, test_id, key):
"""Save value for key in test run metadata."""
test = db.get_test_result(test_id)
if test['verification_status'] == const.TEST_VERIFIED:
pecan.abort(403, 'Can not add/alter a new metadata key for a '
'verified test run.')
db.save_test_result_meta_item(test_id, key, pecan.request.body)
pecan.response.status = 201
def delete(self, test_id, key):
"""Delete key from test run metadata."""
test = db.get_test_result(test_id)
if test['verification_status'] == const.TEST_VERIFIED:
pecan.abort(403, 'Can not delete a metadata key for a '
'verified test run.')
db.delete_test_result_meta_item(test_id, key)
pecan.response.status = 204
class ResultsController(validation.BaseRestControllerWithValidation):
"""/v1/results handler."""
__validator__ = validators.TestResultValidator
meta = MetadataController()
def _check_authentication(self):
x_public_key = pecan.request.headers.get('X-Public-Key')
if x_public_key:
public_key = x_public_key.strip().split()[1]
stored_public_key = db.get_pubkey(public_key)
if not stored_public_key:
pecan.abort(401, 'User with specified key not found. '
'Please log into the RefStack server to '
'upload your key.')
stored_public_key = None
if not CONF.api.enable_anonymous_upload and not stored_public_key:
pecan.abort(401, 'Anonymous result uploads are disabled. '
'Please create a user account and an api '
'key at')
return stored_public_key
def _auto_version_associate(self, test, test_, pubkey):
if test.get('cpid'):
version = db.get_product_version_by_cpid(
test['cpid'], allowed_keys=['id', 'product_id'])
# Only auto-associate if there is a single product version
# with the given cpid.
if len(version) == 1:
is_foundation = api_utils.check_user_is_foundation_admin(
is_product_admin = api_utils.check_user_is_product_admin(
version[0]['product_id'], pubkey.openid)
if is_foundation or is_product_admin:
test_['product_version_id'] = version[0]['id']
return test_
def get_one(self, test_id):
"""Handler for getting item."""
user_role = api_utils.get_user_role(test_id)
if user_role in (const.ROLE_FOUNDATION, const.ROLE_OWNER):
test_info = db.get_test_result(
test_id, allowed_keys=['id', 'cpid', 'created_at',
'duration_seconds', 'meta',
test_info = db.get_test_result(test_id)
test_list = db.get_test_results(test_id)
test_name_list = [test_dict['name'] for test_dict in test_list]
test_info.update({'results': test_name_list,
'user_role': user_role})
if user_role not in (const.ROLE_FOUNDATION, const.ROLE_OWNER):
# Don't expose product information if product is not public.
if (test_info.get('product_version') and
not test_info['product_version']
test_info['product_version'] = None
test_info['meta'] = {
k: v for k, v in test_info['meta'].items()
if k in MetadataController.rw_access_keys
return test_info
def store_item(self, test):
"""Handler for storing item. Should return new item id."""
# If we need a key, or the key isn't available, this will throw
# an exception with a 401
pubkey = self._check_authentication()
test_ = test.copy()
if pubkey:
if 'meta' not in test_:
test_['meta'] = {}
test_['meta'][const.USER] = pubkey.openid
test_ = self._auto_version_associate(test, test_, pubkey)
test_id = db.store_test_results(test_)
return {'test_id': test_id,
'url': parse.urljoin(CONF.ui_url,
CONF.api.test_results_url) % test_id}
def delete(self, test_id):
"""Delete test run."""
test = db.get_test_result(test_id)
if test['verification_status'] == const.TEST_VERIFIED:
pecan.abort(403, 'Can not delete a verified test run.')
pecan.response.status = 204
def get(self):
"""Get information of all uploaded test results.
Get information of all uploaded test results in descending
chronological order. Make it possible to specify some
input parameters for filtering.
For example:
/v1/results?page=<page number>&cpid=1234.
By default, page is set to page number 1,
if the page parameter is not specified.
expected_input_params = [
filters = api_utils.parse_input_params(expected_input_params)
if const.PRODUCT_ID in filters:
product = db.get_product(filters[const.PRODUCT_ID])
vendor_id = product['organization_id']
is_admin = (api_utils.check_user_is_foundation_admin() or
if is_admin:
filters[const.ALL_PRODUCT_TESTS] = True
elif not product['public']:
pecan.abort(403, 'Forbidden.')
records_count = db.get_test_result_records_count(filters)
page_number, total_pages_number = \
per_page = CONF.api.results_per_page
results = db.get_test_result_records(
page_number, per_page, filters)
is_foundation = api_utils.check_user_is_foundation_admin()
for result in results:
if not (api_utils.check_owner(result['id']) or is_foundation):
# Don't expose product info if the product is not public.
if (result.get('product_version') and not
result['product_version'] = None
# Only show all metadata if the user is the owner or a
# member of the Foundation group.
result['meta'] = {
k: v for k, v in result['meta'].items()
if k in MetadataController.rw_access_keys
result.update({'url': parse.urljoin(
CONF.ui_url, CONF.api.test_results_url
) % result['id']})
page = {'results': results,
'pagination': {
'current_page': page_number,
'total_pages': total_pages_number
except Exception as ex:
LOG.debug('An error occurred during '
'operation with database: %s' % str(ex))
return page
def put(self, test_id, **kw):
"""Update a test result."""
test_info = {'id': test_id}
is_foundation_admin = api_utils.check_user_is_foundation_admin()
if 'product_version_id' in kw:
test = db.get_test_result(test_id)
if test['verification_status'] == const.TEST_VERIFIED:
pecan.abort(403, 'Can not update product_version_id for a '
'verified test run.')
if kw['product_version_id']:
# Verify that the user is a member of the product's vendor.
version = db.get_product_version(kw['product_version_id'],
is_vendor_admin = (
# No product vendor to check membership for, so just set
# is_vendor_admin to True.
is_vendor_admin = True
kw['product_version_id'] = None
if not is_vendor_admin and not is_foundation_admin:
pecan.abort(403, 'Forbidden.')
test_info['product_version_id'] = kw['product_version_id']
if 'verification_status' in kw:
if not is_foundation_admin:
pecan.abort(403, 'You do not have permission to change a '
'verification status.')
if kw['verification_status'] not in (0, 1):
pecan.abort(400, 'Invalid verification_status value: %d' %
# Check pre-conditions are met to mark a test verified.
if (kw['verification_status'] == 1 and
not (db.get_test_result_meta_key(test_id, 'target') and
db.get_test_result_meta_key(test_id, 'guideline') and
pecan.abort(403, 'In order to mark a test verified, the '
'test must be shared and have been '
'associated to a guideline and target '
test_info['verification_status'] = kw['verification_status']
test = db.update_test_result(test_info)
pecan.response.status = 201
return test