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  Ilya Shakhat b53ee47466 Fix service discovery 6 days ago
  Ilya Shakhat f531c0d97b Fix devstack and py27 jobs 6 days ago
  Ilya Shakhat a42be1ce82 Update repo address in readme file 6 days ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 764ccbd786 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Ilya Shakhat 5a65e20cd4 Declare support of python 3.7 3 months ago
  Corey Bryant 3d893e1e0c add python 3.7 unit test job 3 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 6e5f538d79 Unpin pytest and its plugins 3 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat c56709b6c1 Fix key management in devstack job 4 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat e1cc109486 Add DevStack plugin 4 months ago
  Zuul cd747e50df Merge "Use bindep to specify binary dependencies" 4 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 956eb44277 Use bindep to specify binary dependencies 4 months ago
  ZhijunWei 3815e94721 Update hacking version 4 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 51de6802f1 Add integration test for devstack cloud management driver 4 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat ff78b92048 Tests cleanup 4 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 87a80f6af5 Rename `tcpcloud` driver into `saltcloud` 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 601c49cca0 Unify auth parameters between drivers 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat fedc060158 Specify auth parameters in devstack tests 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 8f7e490c75 Remove deprecated methods 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat d544fae043 Simplify universal driver 5 months ago
  Zuul 542526086c Merge "Modify integration tests job to run on DevStack" 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 037a321506 Modify integration tests job to run on DevStack 5 months ago
  qingszhao 964a40e3ae Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 5 months ago
  Zuul 62b96dd2a4 Merge "Remove old drivers" 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 1c29ed3182 Remove old drivers 5 months ago
  Zuul 1fbfd41519 Merge "Optimizing the safety of the http link site in HACKING.rst" 5 months ago
  Zuul c26860948e Merge "Do not link with Ansible code" 5 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat b2ca946296 Do not link with Ansible code 6 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 9ee36f7e62 Fix README markup 5 months ago
  zhouxinyong 7f69a07b73 Optimizing the safety of the http link site in HACKING.rst 6 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat 7924e4ccf4 Move Zuul jobs from global project-config to the repo 8 months ago
  Ilya Shakhat fb4d46ced2 Specify webhook id for documentation build 8 months ago
  Maxim Babushkin bb40d621b0 Update containers documentation 9 months ago
  Zuul 99d20e9bab Merge "Add docker containers support" 9 months ago
  Maxim Babushkin d2514e6993 Add docker containers support 9 months ago
  Maxim Babushkin 1c9d02cb9d Typo fix in universal driver documantation 9 months ago
  huang.zhiping 11e2f8a7e2 fix tox python3 overrides 11 months ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong d47e3cdd8a Replaces yaml.load() with yaml.safe_load() 1 year ago
  James E. Blair ac0ca66fbf Zuul: Remove project name 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat b829e19995 Add section describing OS-Faults and Rally integration 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat b8e4a30385 Update documentation and examples 1 year ago
  Zuul 622b43d040 Merge "Add integration job for Zuul" 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat 9534077689 Add integration job for Zuul 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat 276405ef1c Fix custom module support in Ansible 2.4 1 year ago
  Alex_Kholkin acdd04e4e0 Add glance-glare service to the tcpdriver 1 year ago
  Javier Pena a8be2c6e43 Fix for Ansible >= 2.4.0 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat 7782a03a43 Add logging into human API call 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat cc582c38e2 Universal cloud management driver 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat cd51cbae16 Universal driver for any system services (systemd, upstart, etc.) 1 year ago
  Boris Pavlovic 9fa62bea7e Upper constraint ansible to fix library 1 year ago
  Ilya Shakhat 44b2593266 Move all service drivers under services/ package 1 year ago