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Add blog post for availability on Fedora

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David Moreau Simard 10 months ago
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author: "David Moreau Simard"
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date: 2019-11-22
title: "ARA is now packaged for Fedora !"
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type: post

We are happy to announce that ARA has successfully been included in
[Fedora]( !

The latest version ([1.2.0](
is available for Fedora 30, Fedora 31 as well as Rawhide (Fedora 32).

You can find the source for the packaging files on [](
and the builds on [](

Contributions to improve the packaging are welcome !

## How to get started

If you are using Ansible from Fedora packages, you can start recording playbooks
with ARA easily:

# Install ARA's Ansible plugins and the API server dependencies
dnf install ara ara-server

# Configure Ansible to load the ARA callback plugin
export ANSIBLE_CALLBACK_PLUGINS=$(python3 -m ara.setup.callback_plugins)

# Run your playbooks as usual
ansible-playbook playbook.yml

# Start the embedded server
ara-manage runserver

# That's it !

You can see what it looks like in this small recording:

<script id="asciicast-HrXjFmvCygxaPbmVA0u6ZXAKL" src="" async></script>

If you'd like to see the built-in web interface looks like, you can find a live
demo on [](

## Want to contribute, chat or need help ?

If you would like to help with packaging ARA for other distributions, please
reach out !

The project community hangs out on [IRC and Slack](