2216 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bin Qian 9e420d9513 Add more logging to run docker login 2 weeks ago
  albailey 31c77439d2 Fix controller-0 downgrade failing to kill ceph 3 weeks ago
  Jim Gauld 6dc5215862 Engineer IRQ affinity to decouple applications from platform 2 weeks ago
  albailey 0dc99eee60 Fix file permissions failure during duplex upgrade abort 3 weeks ago
  Chen, Haochuan Z 7ef3724dad Fix bug rook-ceph provision with multi osd on one host 3 weeks ago
  Dan Voiculeasa 204d5c3643 Expose ceph backend field over proxy endpoint 3 weeks ago
  Angie Wang 9b8a1d074f Ensure the old app plugins enabled in app recovery lifecycle 4 weeks ago
  Dan Voiculeasa 8423e70fd0 Fix pod max pids service parameter default value 4 weeks ago
  Don Penney 7d740e60f4 Add coredns SX to DX migration manifest 4 weeks ago
  Douglas Henrique Koerich 9d8cdc5bb3 Replace applying flag by dict for FEC device check 1 month ago
  albailey 6d262e1b4c Fix zuul for bandit target 4 weeks ago
  albailey d55ca91b90 Specify the nodeset for zuul jobs 4 weeks ago
  Lucas Cavalcante f3edd0cd6a Add pull_image option to perform_app_upload 2 months ago
  Dan Voiculeasa e4bc9dc602 Fix skipping recovery of the old app for app updates 4 weeks ago
  Vinicius Lopes da Silva eec51d6a4a Delete ceph stor when removing controller 2 months ago
  Jessica Castelino 32b4df542c Notify dcmanager when k8s upgrade completes 4 weeks ago
  albailey f9a862b5d8 Fixing pylint failures in zuul. 4 weeks ago
  Dan Voiculeasa bf547186d1 Add service parameter to control pod pids limit 1 month ago
  Dan Voiculeasa 82f01a8912 Re-add wrongly removed function in helm plugins 4 weeks ago
  Dan Voiculeasa cfe94d9dae Fix semantic check for N+1 app version 4 weeks ago
  Pedro Henrique Linhares 703b9dc6f9 Refactor and expose logic to acquire a flock with retries 1 month ago
  Teresa Ho d4f82539e0 Leave parameter_reselect as null if not specified 1 month ago
  John Kung ca1fbf08cb Update config file update operations to be more atomic 1 month ago
  Angie Wang b62a585ab1 Revert "Revert "Check for connectivity to the tiller postgres backend."" 1 month ago
  Andrei Grosu 12fff41d78 Handle empty 'helm list' result when there is nothing deployed 1 month ago
  Douglas Henrique Koerich 858aee342d Check for FEC device configuration pending 1 month ago
  Andy Ning a6481bc4d1 Fix invalid admin endpoint cert during subcloud upgrade 1 month ago
  Andy Ning 4e75297b58 Specify default connect_timeout for sysinv agent 1 month ago
  Pedro Henrique Linhares 55e70b52d7 Fix bootstrap error on AIO-SX due to post SX to DX migration actions 1 month ago
  Pedro Henrique Linhares 6df2034a4e Adding AIO-SX to AIO-DX migration steps patching existing PVs 1 month ago
  Rafael Jordão Jardim 407a3e3748 Send the binary data instead of path 2 months ago
  Jessica Castelino 9e9979d96e Specify timeout for _get_token REST API request in cert-mon 1 month ago
  Charles Short 62c9e55efd Switch type(certificate) and type(obj) 3 months ago
  Dan Voiculeasa ddc6b69dfc Allow configurable ceph storage backend network 2 months ago
  Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek 3e9982bab0 AIO-SX reboots after change OAM ip address 1 month ago
  Adriano Oliveira c43772ca5c Memory adjustment to consider memory available 1 month ago
  Daniel Safta 6ac2c0e3d0 check app progress before swact 2 months ago
  Teresa Ho c9df464849 Fix missing sriov attributes in N3000 pci info 1 month ago
  John Kung 67c214a4e4 Clear host config_target on upgrade migration 2 months ago
  Angie Wang 4642127991 Revert "Check for connectivity to the tiller postgres backend." 1 month ago
  Andrei Grosu 5edd3bdbe5 Check for connectivity to the tiller postgres backend. 2 months ago
  Melissa Wang e53cf0cc2c SX-to-DX: Check host administrative state 2 months ago
  Yuxing Jiang b913052385 Add RPCAPI calls to apply LDAP client and DNS runtime manifest 2 months ago
  Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek a9743b3e05 Change in oam ip fails to update the system endpoints, in AIO-SX 2 months ago
  Yuxing Jiang a9fc0be4e5 Support configuration of system-controller address pools post-install 2 months ago
  Sabeel Ansari 38ae08893b Verify cert chain after adminep update 2 months ago
  jgauld 3c90e3b949 Add lifecycle hook to allow to_app application-update semantic checking 2 months ago
  Mihnea Saracin b1c8d95f2c Fix resize of drbd filesystems 3 months ago
  Pedro Henrique Linhares dd71459015 Adding support for Ceph storage during Simplex to Duplex migration 2 months ago
  Marcus Secato ca6a15adff Revert "Adjust lock acquiring logic" 2 months ago