254 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Karla Felix 7bd617b2fb Block ssl_ca certificates with same subject 1 day ago
Heitor Matsui 360f48cd48 Add --local option to load-import 2 weeks ago
Andy Ning 3379be986a cgtsclient handle certificate related options properly 1 month ago
Kyle MacLeod edd548d8c1 Handle status_code / status error in HTTP response 2 months ago
Jim Gauld d57d3a07b8 Add runtime reconfiguration of kubelet 2 months ago
Iago Estrela 37abe7a7d5 Rename max_cpu_frequency and max_cpu_default ihost attributes 2 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 9b30cfe503 debian: Fix helm-override-update warning 3 months ago
Iago Estrela 3b5ea2a3c4 Fix ptp and kube_rootca paths 3 months ago
albailey 39919f7be0 Scalability updates for cgtsclient 4 months ago
Iago Estrela 6f47c14cbf Add ihost cpu_max_frequency 4 months ago
Carmen Rata ac2604e9a0 OpenLDAP certificate support in sysinv apis 5 months ago
Cole Walker 451a3dd57c [PTP SyncE] Generate WPC sysfs hieradata 6 months ago
Cole Walker 5b1a1018f8 [PTP dual NIC config] Enable ptpinstance functionality 7 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 22f6fa6c64 Handle PEP479 7 months ago
Douglas Henrique Koerich 948fd84492 [PTP dual NIC config] Manage parameter life-cycle 7 months ago
Douglas Henrique Koerich 157b4ce08f [PTP dual NIC config] Changes from new data model 8 months ago
Jia Hu 3c838b033e F841 local variable 'X' is assigned to but never used 8 months ago
Rafael Camargos 407d47ed33 Remove TPM mode support from certificate commands 8 months ago
Douglas Henrique Koerich 37aec5c439 [PTP dual NIC config] 2nd review of PTP data model 8 months ago
Douglas Henrique Koerich 75415c2491 [PTP dual NIC config] Review of PTP data model 8 months ago
Thiago Brito f9a7febd46 Fixing variable renaming on _find_ipv 8 months ago
Thiago Brito f5d836d161 Fixing variable renaming 8 months ago
Jia Hu a597d4556e Cleanup pylint error: super-init-not-called 9 months ago
Jia Hu 84fa7b6f74 Cleanup pylint error: attribute_defined_outside_init 9 months ago
Jia Hu 5923349485 Cleanup pylint error: redefined-outer-name 9 months ago
Andy Ning 2ef6c9524c Remove force option for k8s rootca update complete/abort 9 months ago
Teresa Ho 2b23452a1c Preserve states for functional user and bmc image 9 months ago
Jia Hu dd3056c21b Cleanup pylint error: logging_not_lazy 9 months ago
Chris Friesen c43c2000f2 Skip storage nodes when listing per-host k8s upgrade info 9 months ago
Jia Hu bb8abd2c21 cleanup pylint error: dangerous-default-value 9 months ago
Jessica Castelino bff33df677 Load-import hangs indefinitely causing the upgrade orch to hang 9 months ago
Bernardo Decco dacb8671b9 Re-enable important py3k checks for cgts-client 9 months ago
Douglas Henrique Koerich d532a61fb6 [PTP dual NIC config] PTP parameter: CLI, REST API 9 months ago
albailey 5012653f5e Removing rpm as a dependency for sysinv 9 months ago
Cole Walker 790303be76 PTP interfaces: CLI, REST API 9 months ago
Douglas Henrique Koerich 1a46426e56 [PTP dual NIC config] PTP instance: CLI, REST API 10 months ago
Teresa Ho ff3463978a Display retimer version of the FPGA device 10 months ago
Rei Oliveira 53e32d0723 Keep files that don't have private key information 10 months ago
Enzo Candotti cd43284c7b Removing Host Hardware Profiles from CLI 12 months ago
Joao Soubihe 5afb182c00 CLIs for kube rootca update procedure 12 months ago
Rei Oliveira 68f05dcf23 Change error handling for cert validity check 12 months ago
Charles Short a47ac91bbc py3: Fix application upload 1 year ago
Charles Short 6ea2015063 py3: Fix deprecation warnings 1 year ago
Teresa Ho d66269a6a1 N3000 BMC and retimer firmware update 1 year ago
Dan Voiculeasa c0dc0f80e1 Update cgts-client testenv to use python3 by default 1 year ago
Mihnea Saracin ca990c5a0d Add new kube_cmd_versions table and API endpoint 1 year ago
Iago Regiani 775c5c7672 System host-upgrade has inadequate semantic checks 1 year ago
albailey d55ca91b90 Specify the nodeset for zuul jobs 1 year ago
Lucas Cavalcante f3edd0cd6a Add pull_image option to perform_app_upload 1 year ago
Rafael Jordão Jardim 407a3e3748 Send the binary data instead of path 1 year ago