3133 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Irina Mihai 74ec3a8cdb Support Backup & Restore for external Ceph backend 3 years ago
  Robert Church a4e88b6069 Update upgrade code for removing Ceph Cache Tiering 3 years ago
  Bart Wensley f645b9c2e0 Add kubernetes support on second controller 3 years ago
  Angie Wang 61ac82ee82 Integrate gnocchi for OpenStack Telemetry 3 years ago
  Paul-Emile Element 885a23ef09 Fix issues when switch between HTTP and HTTPS 3 years ago
  Kevin Smith 5f6ba4f658 Docker integration on storage nodes 3 years ago
  Tyler Smith 9492b1f7ae Disable horizon on subcloud controllers 3 years ago
  Kevin Smith a04434af8b Create docker filesystem on compute hosts 3 years ago
  Wei Zhou f52a35d6bc Add support for external Ceph 3 years ago
  Chris Friesen ef5b96ac17 Puppet changes for helm and kubernetes 3 years ago
  Shoaib Nasir f64fa55aa4 ETCD Integration and Management 3 years ago
  Shoaib Nasir b34d54fde7 Add puppet-etcd module to the puppet manifests 3 years ago
  Jerry Sun 2e07bd1e37 Local Docker Registry non-ha noauth 3 years ago
  Kam Nasim e7f5bfb7ae Distributed Keystone for Distributed Cloud 3 years ago
  Wei Zhou 3a10e745e2 Show instance_lv_size in GiB instead of MiB 3 years ago
  Francois Palin 1c64e65c45 Fix return format of vcpu pin set 3 years ago
  Jianqiang Shi 767988e440 Enable LLDP information on initial install 3 years ago
  Patrick Bonnell 3347cd311a Set primary interface of active backup bond interface 3 years ago
  Tyler Smith d646fa044a Upversion configutilities version to 3.0.1 3 years ago
  Elena Taivan f90337b036 Increase logging for "resize2fs drbd" command 3 years ago
  John Kung 876e915bfc Fixes for H/W replacement during Upgrades 3 years ago
  Stefan Dinescu 7bc4528e9d Restore proper iscsi target config file 3 years ago
  Jianqiang Shi 946afa3cfd close file descriptor for apply_network_config lock 3 years ago
  Don Penney bf1101c9af Add checks to system service-parameter-add to look for existing entries 3 years ago
  Teresa Ho 7c21fd9235 Fix return code on firewall-rules-install failure 3 years ago
  Jack Ding 420d523e44 Cleanup internal references 3 years ago
  Mathieu Robinson aa9b7e70bc Fixing Pep8 errors of type E731 3 years ago
  Mathieu Robinson 55becc338b Fixing Pep8 errors of type E702,E711,E712,E713 & E714 3 years ago
  Mathieu Robinson f4ce1b66c0 Fixing Pep8 errors of type E121 3 years ago
  Mathieu Robinson 9d1aa3d6c3 Fixing Pep8 errors of type E116 3 years ago
  Mathieu Robinson 73fcbfeff7 Fixing Pep8 errors of type F841 3 years ago
  Mathieu Robinson 3926523fab Fixing Tox Pep8 errors of type F821 3 years ago
  Tyler Smith 6bc915d90a Add python-pip to config_gui tool install instructions 3 years ago
  Tyler Smith b51f5a4b05 Fix branding typo in config file utility 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 3bfe8177e2 Fix AIO SX upgrades issue 3 years ago
  Bart Wensley 4d70f23c65 Initial changes to enable new upgrades 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 14cd49f916 Allow relative paths for signature in load-import 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 067e0e03a9 Simplex Upgrade: Threaded backup file generation 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 4c8d0d9bcb Use default value if mon_lv_size not set 3 years ago
  John Kung a0171c678c Allow partition ops on newly added host during upgrade 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 10e047e261 AIO-DX: Update load before sysinv agent inventory audit 3 years ago
  Joseph Richard cc4983c0f1 Move bindings away from controller-1 during upgrade 3 years ago
  John Kung 97c0576e96 Prevent downgrade of newly added host during upgrade 3 years ago
  John Kung ba353a6dda Allow Hardware Replacement During Upgrades 3 years ago
  Teresa Ho 0e68f13e27 Upgrades: Handle upgrades for qat-vf devices 3 years ago
  David Sullivan b8b8a2f7a1 Upgrades: Increment sysinv rpcapi version 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 183ac04745 AIO-DX: Controller-1 unlock failed on first attempt after upgrade 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 94bc1b03fd Data migration failure during upgrade 3 years ago
  David Sullivan 81a98656bf Check version during sx upgrades 3 years ago
  Kam Nasim 635d933a1b Fix upgrade with Host TPM 3 years ago