26 Commits (d85ac964db22e24e495c60d7686aede0e643dc53)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Pedro Henrique Linhares 6df2034a4e Adding AIO-SX to AIO-DX migration steps patching existing PVs 5 months ago
Charles Short d7c5a54ab9 sysinv: Cleanup requirements 6 months ago
Charles Short 00d26663ad Deprecate sysinv.openstack.common.rootwrap 7 months ago
David Sullivan e33a803574 Verify platform-backup partition before SX upgrade 1 year ago
Bin Qian 8df382b256 Add cert-mon service 1 year ago
Chris Friesen 152604297d sysinv FPGA agent initial commit 1 year ago
Al Bailey 89e2975eb8 Add missing requirements for sysinv 2 years ago
Bart Wensley 5321e8f3a9 Move incorrectly located stand-alone scripts 2 years ago
Mingyuan Qi 7b64d87a26 Add k8s cert rotation script to sysinv pkg 2 years ago
Kristine Bujold 65dfc46b9b Create sysinv-utils for generating host-overrides 2 years ago
Angie Wang e2cba0a431 Initialize aws client with proxies 2 years ago
Al Bailey 963157eb8f Deprecate sysinv.openstack.common.gettextutils 2 years ago
Angie Wang 75b9156ea5 Support authenticated registries 2 years ago
Tee Ngo 04a07648b4 Beef up sysinv URL validator 2 years ago
Erich Cordoba 8a7621e243 Add missing dependencies on sysinv to the spec file 2 years ago
Al Bailey 0d2114a479 Add missing rpm dependencies to sysinv 3 years ago
Ovidiu Poncea 3c674e0cc7 Replace compiled crushmaps with human readable versions 3 years ago
Ovidiu Poncea 4b004e1d49 CEPH support for 2 node configuration 3 years ago
zhangyangyang 2de99a485c Fix basestring issue for Python 2/3 compatible code. 3 years ago
Ovidiu Poncea 88f143c7dc CEPH support for 1 node configuration 3 years ago
Don Penney 4095ac7005 Add hooks for python wheel generation 3 years ago
Robert Church 8243f7d6ab Helm Backend for chart specific system overrides 3 years ago
Matt Peters a119bef711 fix sysinv build dependency issue 3 years ago
Matt Peters 9fafe08b65 Open vSwitch integration with host and configuration framework 3 years ago
Dean Troyer 9b95aa0a35 StarlingX open source release updates 3 years ago