555 Commits (d85ac964db22e24e495c60d7686aede0e643dc53)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Pedro Henrique Linhares 6df2034a4e Adding AIO-SX to AIO-DX migration steps patching existing PVs 5 months ago
Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek 3e9982bab0 AIO-SX reboots after change OAM ip address 5 months ago
John Kung 67c214a4e4 Clear host config_target on upgrade migration 5 months ago
Yuxing Jiang b913052385 Add RPCAPI calls to apply LDAP client and DNS runtime manifest 5 months ago
Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek a9743b3e05 Change in oam ip fails to update the system endpoints, in AIO-SX 5 months ago
Mihnea Saracin b1c8d95f2c Fix resize of drbd filesystems 6 months ago
Angie Wang a24cd707a5 AIO-DX: Controller-1 fails to be unlocked after downgrade 5 months ago
jgauld 5a9582ac5c Platform support for application upgrades 6 months ago
Andrei Grosu 0e1bf35613 Send application lifecycle notifications for backup and restore. 8 months ago
Cole Walker d7909c0522 Function to create gnp after oam interface-network add 6 months ago
Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek 4314755481 In AIO-SX, allow SRIOV VF parameters modify without host lock 6 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 5a9ea65db6 Detect active/standby switch 7 months ago
Melissa Wang 7343c40f99 Add support for AIO-SX to DX migration on subcloud 8 months ago
Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek f8f826f960 Allow modification of OAM IP addr, in AIO-SX, without locking the host 7 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 368f5ce321 Enhance maintenance semantic checks with app hooks 8 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa c72417aede Implement algorithm for reapply evaluation priority 8 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 4face8a656 Rework platform managed apps 7 months ago
Chris Friesen ff3ce494ee Notify dcmanager when upgrade completed 7 months ago
David Sullivan b9cd8ec6de Upgrade activation interrupted by host-swact 7 months ago
Suvro Ghosh b27f224803 Prevents critical apps from being deleted. 8 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 0304082c89 Fix logging during reapply evaluation 7 months ago
David Sullivan 6add4f2dfb Support background runtime manifests during upgrade-activate 7 months ago
John Kung df6a338654 Ensure agent is ready before issuing runtime config 7 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 5cc9dc9c86 Rework evaluating apps reapply 8 months ago
Angie Wang fb5956ed3a Update the minimum small root disk size 7 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 2b7a745b7f Migrate to database backend for backup and restore 12 months ago
Babak Sarashki 6ab90d747a sysinv: Intel ACC100 (Mt Bryce) enablement 9 months ago
Cole Walker a45569eda4 Revert "Add api call to trigger creation of gnp" 7 months ago
Carmen Rata 500d4e250c Fix out-of-date alarm wrongful removal 8 months ago
Gonzalo Gallardo c69304a998 Restore system modify command for SNMPv3 8 months ago
John Kung 4cd77f035a Update config tracking for reboot required config 8 months ago
Andre Fernando Zanella Kantek d64f6f5924 Support data network assignment on an unlocked host 8 months ago
Cole Walker cd344669d3 Add api call to trigger creation of gnp 9 months ago
Mingyuan Qi a4a969c94f Add host command support for the edgeworker node 10 months ago
Martin, Chen aa851db31f Introduce rook ceph 1 year ago
David Sullivan 52677deb2c Remove upgrade flags during abort 8 months ago
David Sullivan 6d4d5e3847 Migrate etcd after both controllers are upgraded 8 months ago
Yuxing Jiang 6a51c9420a Upgrade: fix hieradata software version mismatch 9 months ago
Angie Wang f2dbdddcd1 Add Armada pod ready check in sysinv application audit 8 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 93a86019cf Introduce lifecycle operator 11 months ago
albailey 2ab82b7262 Support passing an ignore alarm list to kube upgrade start API 9 months ago
Takamasa Takenaka 06ae123d18 Remove REST API for host-based snmp 9 months ago
Zhipeng Liu bdf1888386 Enable etcd with security setting. 11 months ago
Andy Ning 41b5fa0b50 keep and reuse ssl certificate 9 months ago
Lu Yao Chen e7c99304ce Resolving unpacking-non-sequence error 9 months ago
David Sullivan 136e255aaf Runtime manifests are applied incorrectly during upgrade 10 months ago
Lu Yao Chen c96e147299 Resolving pylint no-self-argument 10 months ago
Lu Yao Chen 6a1a83ed00 Resolving not-callable 10 months ago
Mihnea Saracin b339eb0005 Fix upgrades that use restore procedure 10 months ago
Bin Qian cb6379d4a6 Update admin endpoint intermediate CA only when changed 11 months ago