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Jim Gauld d57d3a07b8 Add runtime reconfiguration of kubelet
This adds the CLI command 'system kube-config-kubelet'. This invokes
puppet runtime manifests to reconfigure kubelet-config ConfigMap
with new parameters, and to upgrade kubernetes nodes with new
parameters, and restart kubelet. This gives the ability to update
kubelet parameters with a software patch.

The specific kubelet-config parameters are provided within the puppet
manifests and its supporting parameters script. The specific settings
values and engineering are described in the puppet component.
Identical settings are also configured at install time in

PASS - manually fill /var/lib/docker to exceed imageGC and
       verify GC operates
PASS - AIO-DX fresh install gets updated kubelet config
PASS - AIO-DX apply/remove designer patch with updated kubelet config
PASS - 'system kube-config-kubelet' updates K8S nodes kubelet config
PASS - AIO-DX reinstall controller-1 has updated kubelet config
PASS - AIO-DX install new worker node gets updated kubelet config
PASS - build and view REST documentation

Partial-Bug: 1977754

Signed-off-by: Jim Gauld <>
Change-Id: Iad32a724d3f681bc9854fa663299f8539f70fd2a
1 year ago
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