SidneyAn 9b78d42e54 clear yamllint errors under stx-config
Listed below are the errors which were fixed as well as the actions
    [error] trailing spaces (trailing-spaces)
    --> delete spaces
    [error] too many blank lines (3 > 2)
    --> delete blank line
    [error] too few spaces after comma (commas)
    --> add space after comma
    [error] too many spaces inside brackets
    --> delete extra spaces
    [error] wrong indentation: expected XX but found XX (indentation)
    --> delete/add spaces to indente
    [error] line too long (97 > 80 characters) (line-length)
    --> change the line max length to 200
        cut the too long lines to 2 or 3 (by using '|-')
    [error] duplication of key "XXX" in mapping (key-duplicates)
    --> delete the duplication
    [warning] missing starting space in comment (comments)
    --> add blank after '#'
    [warning] truthy value should be true or false (truthy)
    --> lower case "False"/"True" to false/true

  Listed below are test cases done which run one controller and one compute in KVMs
    Test-Install           ----  success
    Test_create_instance   ----  success

  Now linters errors under stx-config is clear. Weee!!

Related commit:

Story: 2003360
Task: 24411

Change-Id: Idc3c9304172be52c5d2fb2cbd862527066b72ecf
Signed-off-by: SidneyAn <>
2018-09-12 21:11:57 +08:00

9 lines
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extends: default
# 80 chars should be enough, but don't fail if a line is longer
max: 200
level: warning