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@ -36,50 +36,6 @@
tox_envlist: build
# TODO(dtroyer): This job definition needs to stay here until none of
# the other plugins are using it...
# This job is to begin testing a DevStack run here
- job:
name: stx-devstack-base
nodeset: openstack-single-node-bionic
parent: devstack
description: |
Base job for StarlingX DevStack tests
- zuul: openstack-infra/devstack
timeout: 9000
- name:
# - name:
# - name:
- name:
# - name:
# - name:
- name:
ceilometer-acentral: false
ceilometer-acompute: false
ceilometer-alarm-evaluator: false
ceilometer-alarm-notifier: false
ceilometer-anotification: false
ceilometer-api: false
ceilometer-collector: false
horizon: false
# Swift services
s-account: false
s-container: false
s-object: false
s-proxy: false
tempest: false
# Database
mysql: false
postgresql: true
# LIBS_FROM_GIT: cinder,glance,keystone,neutron,nova
LIBS_FROM_GIT: keystone
FORCE: yes
- job:
name: flock-devstack-fault
parent: flock-devstack-base-min