340 Commits (master)

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Takamasa Takenaka ad1d95fdf5 Add UUID in SNMP trap 2 weeks ago
Dan Voiculeasa 4a55539a8b debian: Fix fm-common binaries location 1 month ago
Dan Voiculeasa 4df485a754 debian: Fix fm bootstrap 1 month ago
Dan Voiculeasa be2ceec7a9 Rework fm-mgr Makefile and spec 1 month ago
Chuck Short 30e9761ede debian: Fix python3 syntax warning 2 months ago
Zuul cb34d876a8 Merge "Fault Management API request audit logging" 3 months ago
Zuul f1c3e852cb Merge "Remove unused constant" 3 months ago
Joao Victor Portal 7fd26e0d15 Fault Management API request audit logging 3 months ago
Zuul 19761c2f39 Merge "[PTP SyncE] Update PTP alarm description" 3 months ago
Teresa Ho 6aeafb674d [PTP SyncE] Update PTP alarm description 3 months ago
Zuul a6ff3c3bfd Merge "Revert "Fix failing FM services on Debian"" 3 months ago
Iago Rodriguez Regiani 3074e4e4c7 Revert "Fix failing FM services on Debian" 3 months ago
Zuul 395574b5fd Merge "Fix failing FM services on Debian" 3 months ago
Vinicius Lopes da Silva 45653becf4 Remove unused constant 3 months ago
Iago Regiani 1bb9c1542c Fix failing FM services on Debian 3 months ago
Andrei Suciu 6d30db1e0e Update debian-pkg-dirs with fm-doc library 3 months ago
Zuul 57961f2ec9 Merge "Setting PYTHON3=no for LOCI images" 4 months ago
Zuul 495c5f861c Merge "Add debian package for fm-doc" 4 months ago
Thiago Brito e0fba90bdf Setting PYTHON3=no for LOCI images 4 months ago
Giana Francisco f0b7677999 Add support to --insecure parameter in fmclient 4 months ago
Ramon Gazoni Lacerda 707340e521 Add debian package for fm-doc 4 months ago
fperez e9ba02ab5c Fixing logging for python scripts - FM 5 months ago
Bin Qian 6105f83a85 Add new alarm for FD limit reached 6 months ago
Zuul b04abb5162 Merge "Remove duplicates from debian_pkg_dirs file" 6 months ago
Heitor Matsui f79b9a9748 Use alternate log handler if running in container 6 months ago
Zuul 3a59a4111e Merge "Add debian_iso_image.inc file" 6 months ago
Zuul 0e7b7df5b1 Merge "Re-enable important py3k checks for fault" 6 months ago
Bernardo Decco 8b64e53985 Re-enable important py3k checks for fault 6 months ago
Zuul 658ff11127 Merge "Fix lintian errors" 6 months ago
Zuul 38f092b842 Merge "Fix Lintian errors" 6 months ago
Luis Sampaio 77230a66ef Remove duplicates from debian_pkg_dirs file 6 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 6af325e235 Fix fm-common build 6 months ago
Charles Short 37e0e3f4b2 Fix Lintian errors 7 months ago
Charles Short 2005768378 Fix lintian errors 7 months ago
Zuul fed4873fac Merge "Fixing logging for python scripts - FM" 7 months ago
fperez 54d7e69213 Fixing logging for python scripts - FM 7 months ago
Scott Little 4003ecb9cc Add debian_build_layer.cfg file 7 months ago
hbai d23489426e Add debian_iso_image.inc file 7 months ago
Tracey Bogue 3c943a5a78 Add Debian packaging for fm-mgr and fm-rest-api 7 months ago
Zuul a88cc50dab Merge "Convert fm-common to new debian pkg system" 7 months ago
Charles Short b564292054 Convert fm-common to new debian pkg system 7 months ago
Charles Short c548d99b51 Fix fm-common build on Debian 7 months ago
Zuul b21a9b080c Merge "Add debian packaging directory" 7 months ago
Zuul 084239c82d Merge "Removing py36 gates from zuul for fault" 8 months ago
Bernardo Decco c0cc7ce02f Removing py36 gates from zuul for fault 8 months ago
Zuul 4cdc5b2a71 Merge "Fix python3.9 building" 8 months ago
Zuul 4380a4bc66 Merge "Add debian packaging for python-fmclient" 8 months ago
Charles Short 7b127659e5 Add debian package infra for fm-api 8 months ago
Charles Short 9c636ed5c2 Add debian packaging for python-fmclient 8 months ago
Charles Short f529d7d86f Add debian packaging directory 8 months ago